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Agent Affiliate Support Page

Step 1: Your Agent Dashboard allows you to easily share the referral URLs that you generate, right from their affiliate dashboard. By making it easy to share on your own landing page to promote Novus’ products and services. Log-In

Step 2: Go to the inner navigation bar and select “Referral URL Generator” You will see:

If you haven’t registered Click Here

If you have registered then you will receive a Welcome Email, “Novus Agent Application Is Accepted” with “Save This Message” with links to 

Access Agent Selling Tools

Save this information for future reference, it contains useful Broker Links. Also, make sure you have executed the Producer Agreement found in Sales Tools

Step 1: Log-In 

Step 2: Then in Agent Dashboard Click On “Referrals” Then You Will See Your Referring Clients

Customer Receives: ≈ and An Email With Welcome Kit Link

Confirmation Page With Welcome Kit


The patient member must Log In Here

The answer is no, you can register your client while signed in or out

Access The Patient Member User Manual  Click Here

These are brochures that you can send to potential prospects regarding the following

THC Only Plan: Download Brochure THC Only all Prices-v2

CBD Only Plan: Download Brochure CBD Only All Pricing-v2

THC and CBD Plan: Download: Brochure THC &CBD All Prices

States where THC is legal:  AZ, AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, IL, MA, MD, DC, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OR, PA, VT, WA

States where it’s THC illegal: AL, AR, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MN, MS, MT, NE, NC, ND, OK, RI, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WY

States where CBD is legal: AL, AZ, AR, AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, LA, IA, KS, KY,  MA, MD, MN, MS, MT, DC, MI, MO, NC, ND, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OK, RI, OH, OR, PA, VT, WA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WY

All CBD Products Are Dropped From Provider

States where it’s CBD illegal: ID, SD, NE

Requirements By State: Click Here

Novus Provider Map: Click Here


To view on full screen: Click Here

To Begin Enrollment Process  Or View All Plans Go Here To Compare Plans

Sales Pitch and Reference Document

Opening Greeting

Thanks for your interest in Novus, We/I represent an insurance entity WCIG Insurance Services: doing business as “Novus Cannabis MedPlan it’s a supplemental plan with a revolutionary approach to reducing total healthcare costs with benefits of cannabis products that contain

  1. THC Plan: (the psychoactive ingredient in medical marijuana that gets you high) and
  2. CBD Plan: (the non-psychoactive ingredient in medical marijuana that does not get you high but has very powerful medicinal properties) with the top brands in the industry and;
  3. Traditional Plans: Such as Dental /Vision /Hearing Telemedicine / Prescription Discounts and more.

Novus complements existing medical insurance policies, filling gaps where traditional policies do not provide benefits or discounts. Unlike most insurance, you have no copays, no deductibles and *everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions can use the Novus network. Plans start at  $24.95 per month, you get access to over 1,000’s products and services in Novus’ provider network. And you can cancel anytime.

As a member of Novus, it is easy to find medical and wellness providers in your local area and save anywhere from 40%-50% on products and services. How it works is you go to the Novus website and as a member you have the exclusivity to order your meds online and with CBD have it delivered to your door.

Qualifying questions

  1. Is this plan for you only or will you be adding other family members?
  2. Are you an MMJ cardholder?

◆   Not necessary for CBD products

◆   In California, you don’t need an MMJ card anymore but will pay state and municipal tax of 25%-35% versus 12%-14% tax as a med user. It’s great even if you’re a rec user. If they decide to get an MMJ card, we have a Provider that can assist you

  1. Find out which state they reside in?

◆   States that THC and Medical Marijuana is legal can be found here: Click Here

◆   Our provider network can be found here: Click Here

◆   States, where THC cannabis is illegal, is Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota

  1. Do you know that in all 50 states MMJ with the CBD component is legal and you can order it directly from Novus’ website from the producers, very convenient and discreet?
  2. So, do you want your cannabis meds with a psychoactive component, non-psychoactive component or both?

◆   If Answer is YES: Direct to the THC Plan (States where THC is legal Click Here)

◆   If Answer is NO: Direct to the CBD Plan

◆   Great Novus has a THC CBD plan at no extra charge

  1. Do you have an ailment? Are you familiar with the medicinal benefits to your ailment?

◆   List of ailments cannabis helps with and qualifying conditions per state: Click Here

◆   It’s safe when self-administered by smoking the flower, edibles, topical ointments concentrated oil drop

  1. Here is the savings chart on spending $150 per month: Click Here View Chart

*The chart is based on an Individual Plan with $29.95 premium payments per month for an annual cost of $359.40, which is added to the “Yearly Health Care Purchases.”

How HRA Health Reimbursement Works

Do you have drug testing at your place of employment?

◆   If the answer is Yes then offer CBD Plan not THC Plan. Also, tell them any doses of CBD less than 750 mg does not offer any medicinal properties, you have to have 750 mg or more

◆  If the answer is No then offer THC Plan: You can now take advantage of your High Deductible Health Plan through your HRA to pay for the premium. How this works is you sign up for one of the traditional benefits such as Dental, Vision or Total Health. Plan Comparison Chart Click Here This offers you total privacy, even the billing will say WCIG Insurance supplemental plan nothing relating to cannabis. Your policy payments are tax-deductible and when you buy your meds you will also receive an abatement in sales tax along with preferred pricing from the cannabis provider.

Call To Action

Can we get you started today?

◆   If the Answer is NO set up an appointment for a later date and offer the Novus Rx Card as a free gift. Offer Novus Rx Card Send the customer this link Click Here

◆   If the Answer is YES: Begin Enrollment Process (see below)

Enrollment Process


1)     Go to Plan Comparison Page: Click Here

2)     Within the page and select the plan the patient wants and press the “Enrollment” button

3)     Go to Enrollment Page and read the disclaimer to them under the “Membership Level” It begins with “ You have selected the    ”

4)     Get credit card info card number, expiration date, and three-digit security number expiration

5)     Important Reminder: You don’t need to add your affiliate ID # it will auto-populate, if you don’t have one please take time to enroll here: Click Here. If you already enrolled someone and you have not signed up then please email us at

Additional References 

  1. Member Site: The back-end site for enrolling reviewing your commission etc. is Click Here
  2. Web MD: FAQ about cannabis: Click Here
  3. Ailments: Condition treatable with cannabis: Click Here
  4. Brochure with Saving Chart: Brochure THC Only all Prices-v2

Contact Us

Any question or website technical issues please send email to 

Absolutely. When a visitor comes to your website from another site, Novus is able to see the URL of the referring website. If the referring URL is registered as a direct link for an agent, and the URL has been approved by a site administrator, the associated agent will be credited with the visit exactly like they would if the visitor had clicked on a URL to your site that contained an affiliate’s referral code.

Digital Ad Creatives and Banner Images

Creatives are pre-made banners and assets that you can use to easily promote Novus. Instead of requiring that you create their own banner images or URLs, are set up a list of pre-made banner images of various sizes, or text links, that they can simply add to their own websites, social networks, email, articles, and newsletters.

The Creatives are managed through the  Creatives option under the dashboard by Click Here  

Statistics Graphs and Reports


You can view the following information on the Referrals graph:

  • Paid Earnings
  • Paid Earnings This Month
  • Paid Earnings Today
  • Unpaid Referrals
  • Unpaid Referrals This Month
  • Unpaid Referrals Today
  • Unpaid Earnings
  • Unpaid Earnings This Month
  • Unpaid Earnings Today

Notice the color-coded lines for each type of referral: Unpaid, Pending, Rejected, and Paid:

This helps provide a quick visual indicator for different referral statuses, without needing to use several separate graphs, so you can easily get a glimpse of comparative data right away.


Novus platform also records visits, which are visits to your ID that are made using your referral link but do not necessarily convert into a referral. The available data for visits are:

  • Number of visits
  • Successful Conversions
  • Conversion Rate


Data for payouts is available in the Payouts tab, and includes the following information:

  • Earnings generated
  • Earnings paid (all-time)
  • Earnings paid (by selected date range)
  • Total earnings generated (by selected date range)
  • Average payout amount
  • Total payouts count
  • Average number of referrals per payout

Tiered Commission Rate

When  Tiered Commission Rate is when an agent affiliate reaches the referrals or earnings threshold, all future referrals will be recorded at the next higher tiered rate (and so on, depending on the number of tiers defined). Tiered referral rates will override the other referral rates mentioned above, for all future referrals — this includes the global referral rate and per-product referral rates.

Lifetime Customers

When a customer clicks on an agent’s referral URL and self enrolls from the Novus website, the customer is instantly linked to the agent. When the customer returns to make another purchase or upgrades on our website, the linked agent will receive a commission, even if they visit our website directly. A customer can only be linked to one agent at a time.

If the customer makes a guest purchase (logged out) their email address is used to look up the linked agent. Additionally, if the customer ever uses a different email address while purchasing (logged in) or changes their email address from their profile, the new email address is stored with the linked agent. This ensures that if the customer ever makes a purchase while logged out, the linked agent will still receive a commission on the sale.


Now you can turn your Broker Affiliate Network that will allow you to easily run your own up and downline. The reporting allows you to view your reporting in the Agent Affiliate Dashboard, pay your sub agent affiliates, it is a complete agent affiliate recruitment, management, and tracking system.


Make it easy to recruit new customers and agents in your downline. with this powerful new marketing tool.

Give your team members the ability to send professional invites that they can personalize to fit the receiver. And, you have full control over how many invites each affiliate can send, and which parts of the invite can be customized.

You can even make your entire site or agent recruitment program Invite Only. Enabling you to easily require an Invite Code in order to sign up as an agent, or to register as a member, Restrict Content Pro integration.

Order Details

Gives you information relating to the customer that has ordered from you such as

  • Referral Amount
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone
  • City State Zip

Zero Amount In Referral

In some instances, there may have free products on our sites such as Novus Rx Card or a 90-day free trial. So we show this zero amount to your referrals so don’t be aren’t confused by referrals with a zero amount if the customer upgrades to the paid program at a later date you will earn the referral fee. 

Direct Link Tracking

When a visitor comes to Novus’ website from another site, our platform is able to see the URL of the referring website. If the referring URL is registered as a direct link for an agent, and the URL has been approved by our site administrator, the associated agent will be credited with the visit exactly like they would if the visitor had clicked on a URL to your site that contained an affiliate’s referral code. Register a direct link  Click Here

An example:

  • Novus site is called
  • Jane(the agent) is promoting your site on a specific website, which she owns. The domain for that blog is
  • Jane writes about the products/services on, and links to, without using her affiliate referral variable (eg, or

Make sure to visit for great products and support!

  • You want every purchase coming from to be automatically credited to Jane’s agent account on Click Here site, without Jane needing to use her referral variable.
  • After setting up Direct Link Tracking, Jane can now refer readers to site directly.

This explains the benefits to the prospective new member

Download: Access Here Explanation of Benefits 2020

To view Novus’ Partner Page Click Here

Application Page Can Be Found By: Clicking Here

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