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The Incredible Growth of the Cannabis Industry

The Incredible Growth of the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is one of the most controversial plants ever to be used by people. Throughout the last decade, the cannabis industry has seen significant changes in the best way possible. In essence, growers are putting more effort into making top-quality flowers and other products. The packaging is more appealing than ever, and dispensaries are becoming more and more available. 


For all of this, we can thank researchers who work day and night so we can all understand the true nature of the plant.


Still, cannabis is yet to reach its full potential. At the moment, 33 US states allow users to consume medical cannabis, while just 11 allow recreational use. There is still a long way to go. However, legislative efforts are continuously made so that the rest of the people in the US can freely enjoy cannabis as well.


All around the world, CBD or cannabidiol is the main reason for the successful establishment of medicinal cannabis. This non-psychoactive substance helps millions around the world fight anxiety and depression, nausea, vomiting (especially helpful in relieving cancer-related symptoms), skin conditions, inflammation, etc.


Throughout modern history, cannabis has been considered as a gateway drug that is addictive and severely harmful. Luckily, these accusations are becoming less relevant because of the extensive research and results obtained. Taboo revolving around cannabis use is gradually being broken as it enters the mainstream with the help of the internet and social media.

An incredible piece of information from last year showed that the CBD market of the United States recorded a 706% growth in 2019. Even though the current state of events since January of this year (yes, we are talking about the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus) does seem fairly volatile, the market is projected to maintain its growth throughout 2020.


What is also interesting to mention is that there are CBD products available for our furry friends. Yes, pets love CBD, and it can be beneficial to them since they also have endocannabinoid systems. In fact, the CBD market for pets showed an increase of as much as 946% between 2018 and 2019. 


All things considered, it is relatively simple to acknowledge the fact that most people who tried CBD see significant improvements when it comes to their health and well-being. We have to admit that there is still a lot more to learn about this miraculous plant, but we are on the right track. 

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