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7 Vape Hacks For Cannabis Concentrates Connoisseurs

With the progression of legalization in the cannabis market, many new products have burgeoned. Cannabis-infused products, edibles, and drinks are available for consumption for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Then there are concentrates which are also gaining a lot of popularity due to a variety of reasons. Read ahead to know about concentrates and why medical patients and connoisseurs prefer them.


Cannabis concentrates, or dabs are the concentrated forms of dry herb, produced by various extraction methods and are available in many forms like oils, oral tinctures, wax, and glass. Compared to top quality sativa strains, the intake of cannabis concentrates produces a more powerful “high” due to the higher percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes. One of the main advantages of concentrates is its quick absorption into the body, giving instant results. Due to its high potency, medical patients get fast relief from their ailments. 


Cannabis concentrates are also sought out among connoisseur-level vapers. Vaporization is one of the healthiest ways of inhaling cannabis concentrates. Portable and rechargeable vape pens are excellent ways to enjoy the concentrate benefits. In this article, we will discuss the seven vape hacks for cannabis concentrates connoisseurs. Before knowing all the hacks you can check high-quality vape from for yourself and get the most benefit out of it.


With a dash of creativity, and by following the below-mentioned tips, any vaper can get the most of their vaping experience.

Here’s how:


1. The Right Storage

For a more extended usage of concentrates, it is crucial to take the necessary steps by preserving them. Concentrates like waxes and shatter have a gooey and delicate texture. Storing cannabis concentrates the wrong way can invite moisture and humidity, which won’t give the desired vaping results. However, storing them in silicone, non-stick, vacuum-sealed containers can prevent the ingress of moisture and increase shelf life. These containers will extend the quality and effectiveness of vaping.


After storing in an air-tight container, keep them in a cool, dark place. Freezing the box is the best way to conserve the concentrates for the future. Before vaping, take it out of the freezer, allow it to defrost thoroughly before vaping.

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2. Get The Grind Right

Loading the entire bud into a vaporizer won’t give a vaper the desired result of consistent vapor. It happens because the heat from the vape cannot travel to the core of the bud. To heat the bud, a vaper might increase the temperature of the vape, which results in weed combustion and inhalation of smoke instead of vapor.


Grinders are an essential tool for the most ideal vape. Grinding the weed helps in better exposure to temperature. Grinding allows heat to perforate through the plant matter and produce a flavorful vapor. Using a manual or electric herb grinder is the best means to get an even consistency. For example, Kief is a favorite cannabis concentrate among many users. It is produced by carefully separating the tiny hairs found on cannabis buds from the other parts of the plant and grinding them in a 4-piece grinder. Otherwise, there are chances of losing valuable pollen.


An important point to note before grinding is to grind only the required amount of weed to fill a single chamber, or else the unwanted ground weed will dry out.


Therefore, grinding is an excellent hack to get the most of the cannabis concentrate vaping.

3. Avoid Combustion

Cannabis connoisseurs can spot the difference in flavors between hitting a joint and puffing on a vaporizer. The burning of cannabis, termed as combustion, breaks down the chemical bonds in marijuana to create highly toxic compounds and free radicals. These free-radicals are bad for health, which is why one must avoid burning. 


Vaporization is a healthier approach to consuming cannabis or best-tasting e juices. The critical factor to consider between vaping and combustion is the temperature. The temperature in vaping devices must be just below the point of combustion, i.e., below 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. One can then experiment by working 5 – 10 degrees up or down to check the best vapor result without combusting the concentrate. The dampness and physical texture of the weed plays a vital role in finding the right temperature setting.

4. Clean the Vaporizer

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Another notable vaping hack that can enhance a vaper’s experience of vaping is to clean the vaporizer properly. A dirty vape pen can ruin its performance and cause uneven flavor production. A vape pen consists of a vape tank, coil, and the vape battery. A simple cleaning involves thorough rinsing of the vape tank, which helps in preserving and not mixing the new flavor with the last flavor. Cleaning the vape tank every few weeks will increase the performance of the vaporizer.


The vape coils also have a significant impact on the cannabis concentrate flavor. The more the vaping, the more frequently one should change the coils. Frequently taking care of the vape pen is a crucial hack that will let a vaper enjoy an optimal and consistent flavor every time they vape.


5. Preheat the Vape


Preheating the vape will keep the coils nice and warm for a good vape. Modern vaporizers can preheat in a few seconds, unlike the older models, which used to take a longer time for preheating. Turn on the vaporizer for five to ten minutes on an empty herb chamber (oven). This will allow the vaporizer to clean itself from any residue from the storage. No matter which model a person possesses, read the instructions carefully for a consistent vaping experience.


6. Inhale Gently


Even though the vapor that one inhales during vaping is much cooler than smoke, incorrect vaping can still induce coughing. Instead of inhaling deep from the vaping device, inhale gently. After every light vape, wait for 30 seconds to let the vape reach its initial temperature. 


Be careful not to inhale long vape as that can cause cold air to fill the chamber. The cooler the oven, the harder it makes the vaporizer work. This can eventually affect the quality of vapor. 


7. Use the Right Amount of Herb


It is essential not to go overboard with the amount of dry herb used for generating vapor. Fill the chamber(oven) with the right amount of cannabis, as over-stuffing can alter the fumes released to the mouthpiece. Overpacking the oven can cause uneven heating and make inhaling the vapor difficult. The right amount is when the oven is full and fluffy for easy passage of air between the herbs.




Follow the above vaping hacks to enjoy a fantastic vaping experience. Vaping is a safe method for taking in the benefits of cannabis for health-conscious consumers. They are comfortable and convenient to carry in the pocket while on the go. Just remember to adhere to the instructions of the vaporizer to avoid combustion.


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