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7 Ways to Counteract a Negative Cannabis High

Cannabis is one of the most therapeutic plants on the planet, provided you’re aware of using it the right way for your health. If you ingest it in excess, the effects can be pretty overwhelming for you. Thankfully,  with a cannabis recommendation or online medical card, your journey to better health becomes easier because doctors can provide you with a customized dosage plan. Well, if by any chance, you’re at the receiving end of a negative cannabis high, here are some ways to counteract it.

Relax and Chill

Trust me, you’re not dying. Overindulgence in cannabis is pretty common. All you need to do is relax to tame the buzz. Give your body some time and look for ways to unwind. Gradually, the high subsides and your body bounces back to normal. One of the best ways to relax is to practice some deep breathing exercises. Sit in a quiet place and take some deep breaths to calm your mind. If the idea of deep breathing is not your cup of tea, listen to music or just sing along. Gradually, the potent high will subside and you’ll feel better.

Try Some Other Terpenes

Terpenes have a direct impact on how the high affects your body. In fact, certain terpenes can increase or decrease your intoxication. For instance, citrus fruits are rich in alpha-limonene which is known to relax your senses. Similarly, linalool, a terpene found in lavender, promises relaxing effects for the body. So, ingest some citrus fruits or dive into lavender therapy to restore your sobriety.

Spend Time With Your Pet

Pets like dogs and cats are instant stress-busters. Spending time with them can reduce anxiety and stress, giving you a much-needed space to unwind. There is substantial research to prove that the presence of cats and dogs eliminates stress and improves cardiovascular reactivity. This means that spending time with your pets can lower your blood pressure, slow your heartbeat, and keep you happy. If you don’t have a pet, consider watching a pet video. It’s equally therapeutic and diverts your mind from the intoxicating high.

Talk to Your Friend

The idea to get out of the negative effects of cannabis banks on diverting the mind and allowing it to explore. One of the best ways is to hang out with a friend. Talking helps you calm down and directs your mind away from the intoxicating effects of cannabis. In fact, it’s always better to have someone by your side because they can keep you away from doing something risky. So, it basically counts as a support system to keep you in check when you’re battling the negative effects of a high.

Try Some Black Pepper

This might surprise you but there’s actual science behind the relaxing effects of black peppercorns. Black pepper contains beta-caryophyllene, which is a potent CB2 antagonist. It enhances the sedating effects of THC which help you calm down with ease. Plus, this terpene also awakens your senses and prevents you from getting lost in the loop of paranoia-induced negative thoughts. Just chew on them or sprinkle some black pepper on your salad to feel the effects working for you.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water, have some tea, or some other beverage to keep yourself hydrated. When you’re too high after ingesting cannabis, it often causes dry mouth, which can make you feel worse. Hydration counters this feeling and makes you feel better. However, avoid drinking alcohol or strong coffee as it can heighten paranoia. A good idea is to keep a water bottle by your side when you’re planning to ingest cannabis and drink at regular intervals to prevent the uncomfortable feeling.

Take a Shower

Taking a shower helps because it refreshes you instantly and breaks the cycle of intoxication. For better effects, take a cold shower as it can make you feel fresher and help you regain control of your senses. This, in turn, will bring a sense of clarity and help you focus on activities that will distract you from the high. If you’re too high to jump into a shower, wash your face with cold water. It produces instant refreshing effects and helps you feel better.

How to Ingest Cannabis Safely?

If you want to dive into the best effects of cannabis, there’s a specific dose that you should stick to. Well, a lot depends on your prior experience with cannabis and your tolerance levels.  Regular cannabis users often need to ingest a lot in order to feel high because their tolerance levels are high. On the other hand, beginners are pretty quick to feel the effects and are pretty vulnerable to overdose. That’s because they’re not aware of the right dose that gives them a balanced high. As a result, they’re prone to feel the negative effects of the high pretty often. Ingesting cannabis safely is no rocket science. All you need is a balanced approach to make it work for you. If you’re a beginner, start with a small dose. The idea is to test the amount at which you feel a balanced high. That’s the dose you need to stick to. Think of it as a hit-and-trial method to find the dose that works for your body. Gradually, as your tolerance increases, you can increase the dose. Just take it step by step to experience the best of cannabis. If you’re still not sure about the dose that works for you, it’s a good idea to consult a certified cannabis doctor. They have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with a roadmap to an amazing cannabis experience. Plus, if you’re suffering from a health condition, doctors can diagnose your health and recommend the best strains for relief. It’s not just limited to that, they can even provide you with a customized dosage plan to ensure you experience the best effects of cannabis in a way that enhances your health. A satisfactory cannabis experience depends on maintaining balance and honestly, that’s not hard to achieve. You just need to follow the right approach.  
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