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Agent Affiliate Knowledge Base

Updated 1-21-2020 

Private or White Label your site asa Novus site: Affiliates can add one or more direct link domains from the  Direct Links tab of the Affiliate Area.  This can be done here: .  Troubleshooting please email here 

Recurring Referrals: Recurring Referrals allows you to get credit on your affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an affiliate. Troubleshooting please email here 

Tiered Commission Structure: Tiered Affiliate Rates will allow you to reward your affiliates with higher commission rates the more they earn and/or the more successful referrals they generate. Now once you hit 500 members you will be bumped up your commission rate, contact us for more details. 

Troubleshooting please email here

Affiliate Landing Pages: Affiliate Landing Pages allows you to create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link.

Create and assign a dedicated landing page: With Affiliate Landing Pages, you can now create and assign a dedicated landing page (page or post) to each affiliate (or even to certain special affiliates). This landing page could display detailed information about the affiliate, show content specific to them, show content published by them, or absolutely anything you want! Potentially the most beautiful aspect of Affiliate Landing Pages is its utterly seamless integration with WordPress and the default WordPress editor. Simply build a landing page and assign it to an affiliate. Easy!

No affiliate link required!

Some people are extremely good at spotting an affiliate link. They hover over the link and look at the URL in the browser status bar. This is more common than you think; people like to know where that link is taking them! Some affiliate links can look “sketchy” and are packed with long query strings and random characters. Other people simply don’t like clicking on affiliate links at all, knowing that someone is going to earn a commission if they decide to purchase.

Learn More Here: 

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing: Allows your affiliates to easily share the referral URLs they have generated, right from their affiliate dashboard. By making it easy for your affiliates to share, they are far more likely to promote your products and services. Whenever a new URL is generated, the social sharing networks are also updated to reflect the new URL.

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