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Novus Cannabis MedPlan is a supplemental health plan that’s growing in popularity with many Americans, offering discounts on THC Plans in states where it’s legal, CBD Plans nationwide along with dental, vision, telemedicine, and more.  As millions of Americans are faced with more health risks creating more chronic illnesses this is a golden opportunity to help them with medicinal cannabis and  you can earn at the same time. Don’t let this pass you by!

Influencers and Affiliate Benefits

Payouts Never Decrease

Your commission base will never decrease. Plus Bonus Incentives. Once you convert we handle the rest, reducing your workload.

Earning Upside

Our plans yearly gross a minimum of $350 per customer giving you $120.00 of income per year. This MedPlan offers great value to your audience

Call Center Support

Cannabis sells itself. But sometimes some consumers might need assistance to closing, no problem we have a call center standing by 24/7


Our platform auto populates your ID number and if you want to customize your own creative, no problem, it can be done easily.

Marketing Medium

This offer can be marketed as email, social networking, content marketing, search advertising, PPC, influencer marketing and more!

Tiered Commission

Novus gives you more. Tiered commissions give you a higher percentage rate on the more you convert through self enrollment.

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