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Regulatory Changes That Allow Cannabis In Health Plans

Partner with a first to market multi-state operator offering as a carrier of cannabis health plans to recreational and medicinal users.  Our partnership is a win/win for each of us, the insurance industry can compliantly corral policyholders with sustainable traffic to patronize your brand or facility, and we can share revenue from the sales of health policies.

Here’s how we benefit together from the recent landscape changes:

Employee Compassionate Care Act leading to Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Increased taxation on cannabis works to our advantage

Health Reimbursement Accounts HRA

Carrier Expansion in response to the Settlement Framework of Opioid Lawsuits

Combat the illicit weed market and,

Cultivators are adopting selling direct-to-consumer 

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Provider Benefits

Exclusive Member Access

Exclusive access to thousands of loyal cannabis patients averaging $300 per month in purchases.

Free Marketing Advertising

We will drive traffic away from your competition, again at no cost. We are already doing the advertising so let's co-brand the effort.

Free Social Networking

Don't pay high prices for social networking, get exposure on LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook and Instagram at no cost 

Ad Search Digital Advertising

Novus is paying for ads so just piggyback with us 


Utilizing technology to service ads to consumer mobile devices as they visit your competition and convert their market share into yours.

Stock Option

Hit certain benchmarks and get stock options to supplement your income 

How It Works

Novus Cannabis MedPlan was founded to provide meds to eligible patient/member base in return giving you more foot traffic. How it works is at the time the patient visits your facility then the discount is applied to the meds only, not accessories or other services.

As the cannabis market becomes more saturated and legislation changes, our partnership allows you to focus more of your time on serving your customers and let Novus focus on procuring new customers for you.

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