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Regulatory Changes That Allow Cannabis In Health Plans

Novus is a pioneering multi-state operator that serves as a carrier of cannabis health plans for both recreational and medicinal consumers. Our partnership offers mutual benefits through revenue sharing and exclusive territory rights. The insurance industry can legally attract policyholders, ensuring a steady flow of customers to your brand or establishment, while we can jointly profit from the sale of our health insurance policies.

Let’s explore how we can leverage recent regulatory changes to our advantage:

Employee Compassionate Care Act leading to Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Increased taxation on cannabis works to our advantage

Health Reimbursement Accounts HRA

Carrier Expansion in response to the Settlement Framework of Opioid Lawsuits

Combat the illicit weed market and,

Cultivators are adopting selling direct-to-consumer 

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Provider Benefits

Exclusive Member Access

Gain exclusive access to a dedicated community of thousands of loyal cannabis patients who, on average, spend $300 per month on their purchases.

Free Marketing Advertising

Divert traffic from your competitors without costs. Novus engages in local and national advertising, so it makes sense to collaborate and co-brand our marketing efforts.

Free SEO & Social Networking

Why spend a fortune on social networking when you can gain visibility on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram free of charge through Novus.

Ad Search Digital Advertising

Novus is currently running paid advertising campaigns. You have the option to either leverage our existing advertising efforts or take advantage of our expert SEO services to enhance your online presence.


Employing advanced technology to deliver targeted advertisements directly to consumers' mobile devices while they visit your competitors' locations, thus strategically shifting market share in your favor.

Stock Option

Certainly, we can establish a profit-sharing mechanism by achieving specific milestones, offering stock options as a supplementary source of revenue. This approach ensures our mutual success remains continuous and tied to our collaborative efforts.

How It Works

Novus Cannabis MedPlan, as a health plan carrier, aims to provide cannabis to eligible policyholders and boost foot traffic to your facility. Here’s how our partnership works: Patients who visit your facility receive a modest discount on cannabis products.

In the dynamic cannabis market with frequent legislative changes, our collaboration offers a strategic advantage. You can focus on serving your existing customers while Novus brings in new customers for your business. This division of focus ensures your operation’s growth and sustainability in this competitive landscape.

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