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Cannabis MedPlan

First Nationwide Premier Legal Cannabis Health Plan

 Get Healthy, Stay Healthy with THC & CBD cannabis, and all your healthcare costs. Plans starting as low as $26.95 in the largest cannabis provider network. 

In many cases, your employer can cover the plan

topics Covered

Guaranteed Issue

Dental, Vision, Telemedicine, Hearing and more!​

Existing Conditions

Stop suffering and live with wellness in body and mind

Great Savings

Savings if 35% to 65% on all your cannabis needs

Immediate Approval

Immediate Acceptance no waiting period or long term contracts

How Does It Work

Learn how many Americans Are Turning To This Plan

Your Agent Ken Stansfield

Connect with me, I’m a licensed Agent that will get you the most for your healthcare needs. Call Me: 636-627-9299

What Clients Are saying

My life was nothing but stress and confusion until Kent helped me out. Now I have peace of mind. Enjoying life like I deserve

Paul S.

I’ve been helped immensely just by Kent’s guidance. When we first spoke he knew the right questions to ask.

Martha H.

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Novus Provider Network

Novus is continually expanding to ensure you have access to providers in your area.  Many of our network providers have home delivery services, so we recommend viewing our Delivery Coverage Areas.

Note: If you don’t see any providers we’ll get one for you,  just Contact Us

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