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How to Start a Cannabis Greenhouse in Your Backyard

Cannabis, a.k.a. Marijuana industry has seen a tremendous rise in its popularity in recent years due to the surge of legalization in different states. Many entrepreneurs are eager to invest in this industry and make reputable names before it gets crowded.

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If you don’t have the resources to commercially start growing cannabis on a larger scale, you can set up a cannabis greenhouse in your backyard. Moreover, growing cannabis in a greenhouse has its unique set of perks and benefits. Setting up a greenhouse essentially gives you the best of both worlds: indoor and outdoor growing.

Cannabis greenhouses have been growing in popularity among commercial cultivators, as well as hobbyists and home growers. Here’s how you can start your cannabis greenhouse in your backyard.

Choose the method of growing

You can set up growing cannabis in two ways. You can either plant your seeds in separate containers, or you can plant them in the ground. Both the methods have their pros and cons, of course.

If you decide to go the container way, you have the flexibility of moving them around whenever you want. This method is especially useful when you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. Whenever you want to move the plants in a safer, indoor environment, you can do it easily. This method also lets you safely hide your growing progress from visitors by moving the containers somewhere else before their arrival.

On the other hand, growing cannabis in the ground exposes them to more nutritions and minerals. They’d grow faster and nourish better. However, make sure that you’re using high-quality soil filled with minerals.

Get high-quality seeds

The most important factor to consider is the quality of seeds you’re using. You never want to go with cheaper, lower-quality seeds that are likely to underperform and drain your entire investment. Instead, purchase high-quality seeds that are likely to grow at a rapid rate.

High-quality seeds must be accompanied by high-quality soil, of course. Treat each seed as an individual investment and take care of them accordingly.

Consider hydroponics

If you have a smaller backyard space that can’t hold enough cannabis plants, you might want to consider a hydroponics solution. Hydroponics is the phenomenon of growing plants in the water. Some businesses sell specially-designed systems of pipes that can hold water and plants in a small confined space. You put minerals directly into the water which are then absorbed by the plants.

Hydroponic systems are smaller in size and vertical in shape, meaning you can put many of them in your small backyard greenhouse.

Partner with a cannabis real estate company

If you’re willing to eventually upgrade your home-growing quest into a business, you’d need to expand your seeding land to meet the commercial needs. You can do that by getting in touch with a cannabis real estate company.

A cannabis real estate company will help you find suitable pieces of land, faster. Moreover, due to their substantial experience in the industry, they can help you find better deals based on your needs. Simply put, a cannabis real estate company will streamline the entire process of finding suitable land, negotiating a deal, and making necessary transactions.

Automate your greenhouse

Greenhouses provide you with the ability to automate your growing system. In simpler words, you can set up your greenhouse in a way that takes care of itself with minimum effort from you.

An example of automated greenhouses is an automatic watering system. With such a system, you wouldn’t need to manually water your plants all the time. With no or minimum effort, the system will automatically supply water to all the plants when needed.

Automation is suitable for people who want to spend a minimum amount of time growing cannabis and taking care of their plants. Instead, they can plan ahead of time and utilize automated systems that can reduce the effort needed to maintain the greenhouse.


Cannabis is quickly rising to the top shelf of profitable industries. If you want to step into the industry and experience it for yourself, you can start by setting up your cannabis greenhouse in your backyard using the above-mentioned steps.

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