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2021 Annual Report Shows Positive Earnings

Novus Signs Deals With Life and Health Carriers Offering Cannabis Integrated In Their Guaranteed Issue Plans

About Novus
Cannabis MedPlan

Novus Acquisition & Development Corporation (NDEV), a Nevada-based enterprise, and a California supplemental insurance carrier and aggregator offer cannabis as a part of consumers’ health insurance plans. 

Novus’ business model is the first of its kind in the US and Canada legal cannabis market targeting consumers that are users of medical and/or recreational cannabis. Novus offers cost-savings health plans for patients and businesses domestically and internationally, focused around, THC Plans that are sold in legal states and CBD Plans which are sold nationwide.  All plans such as dental, vision, hearing, telemedicine, include cannabis benefits making these plans eligible for reimbursement under the Health Reimbursement Act.

Future Of Novus

The health insurance industry is expanding rapidly, internationally, the sector will grow from a revenue base of $1.2 trillion to $3.7 trillion by 2023. Novus continues to strengthen its position in the health insurance and legal cannabis marketplace through solid relationships with medical providers leaving fewer resources for potential rivals.

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Cannabis Health
First Mover Advantage

Novus has a first-mover advantage in obtaining a lion-share of the market through its established branding initiatives and consumer loyalty before other competitors even began to move into the cannabis sector.

Unlike conventional insurance carriers, the Novus program offers significant cost-savings on legal cannabis meds and other supplemental health plans. Conflicting federal and state laws surrounding this burgeoning industry has caused widespread confusion, leading to conventional insurance companies continuing to refuse coverage of hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), medical cannabis (THC) and alternative/ integrative treatment options for patients.

The Novus model is unique, by focusing on the deficiencies of private and government health plans in the US and Canada by integrating supplemental plans that include legal cannabis meds for recreational and medicinal users.

The main reasons behind Novus’ head start in this health insurance sector can be attributed to three factors: 

  Since cannabis is not legal federally, many major insurance carriers will not jeopardize their multi-billion-dollar Federal Medicare/Medicaid contracts by doing business in this sector.

  Insurance companies generally don’t favor meds that have not been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

  Major carriers usually concentrate on acquiring market share as opposed to creating it.

Cap Structure

Cap Structure as of April 1, 2019

Market Value1$25 million
Authorized Shares200 million
Outstanding Shares107,803,624
*Held at DTC30,948,730
*Par Value$0.001
*Restricted Shares76,854,894
Shareholders2443  Dec 31, 2021

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