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Lost Your Job?

Here’s how to find health-care coverage if you’ve lost your job

Americans are likely to lose 3 million jobs by the summer of 2020. With 49% of Americans getting health insurance through their employer, a spike in unemployment could leave them uninsured in the middle of a national health crisis. 

Having a health plan is now even more important even during a health crisis. But now most health deductibles health-care plans will have to make up for it the long run and this will ultimately affect consumer’s pocketbook.

If you have lost your job and offered some sort of severance, read the document carefully and make sure your exit strategy has your benefits in mind. If all options fail, there is a health plan from Novus Cannabis MedPlan that offers long term and short-term plans. Novus does not require co-pays and deductibles will save you as much as 55%. On cannabis, dental, vision, telemedicine and more.

How this works, for example, is you pay for Novus Dental MedPlan and your cannabis benefits are inclusive so you can be compliant with your employer /ex-employer to pay or get reimbursed with your Health Reimbursement Account.

Novus offers plans with THC Plans in states where it’s legal and CBD Plans nationwide. So, during this turbulent time when you stuck at home let the benefits of cannabis ease your mind and wait for this health crisis out. Learn More

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