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What Is A

Cannabis Rx is the nation’s first discount program for medicinal and recreational users that focuses on reducing the cost associated with:

*Medical Cannabis (THC) *Cannabidiol (CBD)
*Dental  *Vision  *Telehealth, with *Delivery!

This revolutionary is not insurance but hel[s to supplement the costs associated with medicinal and recreational use of cannabis products.  You will find that you can use your program benefits at a wide range of dispensaries across the U.S.


Cannabis Can Be Therapeutic

  Save Money On All Your Cannabis Meds

If you spend $100 or more per month on cannabis meds products, you can expect savings of $1,200 per year or greater with the Novus Cannabis MedPlan.

As Low As $24.95 Per Month

This is the first nationwide, CannabisRx program that offers savings for recreational and medicinal users.

How Does Cannabis
MedPlan Work?

Our nationwide of dispensaries get a preferred rate that is applied to cannabis meds purchases. Cannabis is effective in many chronic conditions. Let us show you how it works. 

Cannabis Can Be Therapeutic (2)
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Provider Network

This discount program is continually expanding to ensure you have access to dispensaries in your area.  Many of our network dispensaries have home delivery services, so we recommend viewing our Delivery Coverage Areas.

Note: If you don’t see your favorite dispensary,  we’ll get them connected for you, just Contact Us

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THE CANNABIS RX PROGRAM IS NOT INSURANCE. The Program provides members with discounts on the purchase of recreational or medicinal cannabis products. The Program does not make payments directly to the enrolled dispensaries. The Program member is obligated to pay for all cannabis purchases but will receive discounts on cannabis purchases from those dispensaries who have enrolled with the discount program organization.

Program administered by PRAM Insurance Services, Inc. CA LIC #: 0812797 – 1 Pointe Dr., #120, Brea, CA 92821 – 800-262-7726 –

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