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Entourage: Vape Oil

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If youÕre looking for the highest-quality vape liquids containing the purest Cannabidiol (CBD), then Entourage will be one of your new favorite brands. Each bottle contains a guaranteed concentration of 100mg of CBD. Vaping Cannabidiol has become an all-new trend for those who want the wellnessÊeffects of cannabis without any knowÊside effects. CBD is a legal substance that contains virtually no THC (which causes the psychotropic effects of marijuana), and Entourage CBD vaping liquid is made from the hemp plantÕs oil. Entourage offers you the highest quality e liquid with CBD, without the typical flavorings in their OccamÕs Razor product. This is the perfect cannabis e liquid if you donÕt like flavorings or you want to add your own. What is Entourage Hemp e Liquid 100mgs CBD (OccamÕs Razor)? The hemp tree was used for centuries by many civilizations for its fiber to make cloth and its rich oil, which contains CBD. Hemp oil contains only trace amounts of THC, while the CBD e liquid made from it contains no THC at all. This means thereÕs no chance of getting a ÒhighÓ from this product and itÕs legal in all fifty US states and in over fifty countries worldwide. EntourageÕs OccamÕs Razor product is flavorless, so you can enjoy pure CBD without added flavors. You can also mix in any flavor that you like to create the perfect e-cig juice for you. Each bottle contains a guaranteed 100mg of CBD. CBD has been shown to help people relax andÊsoothe on a daily basis. Why Choose Entourage Hemp e Liquid 100mgs CBD (OccamÕs Razor)? When you shop for CBD, it is best to choose a licensed and safe brand like Entourage. The company delivers what it promises, which is pure, unadulterated CBD. OccamÕs Razor has the added benefit of being unflavored, which allows you to either enjoy a flavorless vaping experience or add the flavor of your choice. How to Use Entourage Hemp e Liquid 100mgs CBD (OccamÕs Razor) Using this e liquid is fairly straightforward. First you need a good quality e cigarette. (An e cigarette is a device that allows you to evaporate liquids quickly so you can inhale and enjoy almost pure vapor, without many of the negative effects of smoking.) To vape your hemp CBD liquid, fill your cartridge per the e cigaretteÕs instructions. You can also simply place a few drops of the liquid directly onto the coil if you donÕt want to fill it the typical way. Start with a small amount to see if you tolerate CBD well. CBD has no known side effects unless you suffer from a disease that affects blood clotting. Nonetheless, it is always safest to start every new vaping experience with a smaller amount of liquid. This is not a nicotine vaping liquid, so it is not ideal for people who want to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping nicotine. Ingredients: Entourage CBD OccamÕs Razor e cig liquid contains no nicotine, alcohol, AP, PEG, BHT, BHA, diacetyl, or artificial coloring. It contains only CBD, terpenoids, and Max VG. If you are pregnant, lactating, taking medication, or suffering from chronic disease, ask your physician before taking any kind of new supplement.

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