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Punch List

Statement Of Work

  1. Get QC to go to Cart>Checkout> Confirmation (Don’t worry about the emails going to the dispensary, just make sure that the order confirmation has the dispensary on it so I know whoch one to send it to).


  1. When viewer goes to Shop, make sure the dispensary shop opens with their products only not other products from other shops ( excluding cross sells)


  1. And from there will the the site to see if we have any other problems


  1. API integration with Realm of Caring and Careington

Phase II


Hard code the site that will be a sub domain of, use the same nav menus I will make a menu button that states Enter Member Section:


  1. The ability for me to make changes to the nav bar
  2. Front end submission
  3. Theme to match the
  4. Navigation header Benefit programs
    1. Free Access Page
    2. Member Benefits Page
    3. Insurance agent Benefits Page
    4. Provider Benefits Page
    5. Affiliate Benefits Page



  1. Membership Dashboard


  1. Member Benefits Page
  2. My Med Plan Card
  3. Membership Billing
  4. Membership Cancel
  5. Check Out
  6. Membership Confirmation
  7. Membership Invoice


  1. Shop


  1. Locator of viewer by zip or by IP address
  2. Have Provider Location populate and all shop information url will be


  1. Provider Dashboard
  2. Front end submission to submit product
  3. A request from provider to have Novus do multiple importing of product, we will need a CSV import software that can use
  4. Orders
  5. Shop Settings
  6. Verify Member account status


  1. Contact
  2. Novus HQ location but now with the large map, make it two columns with a smaller map
  3. FAQ page
  4. Security
  5. Prevention of brute force attack
  6. Spamming
  7. Hacking etc
  8. Database
  9. For Providers, Members, Affiliates and Insurance Agents
  10. Have the database identify the different membership levels of Providers, Members, Affiliates and Insurance Agents


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