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Rx Card

American Drug Prices Projected To Increase 150% In 2022

Novus Rx Card is your health advocate, we have negotiated the lowest overall prices with over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. Save 14% to 21% on brand prescriptions and up to 90% on generics.  Prices vary dramatically between pharmacies, but with the Novus Rx Card there is no need to shop around, just go to your favorite pharmacy and you will receive the lowest prices available. You will never be obligated to pay for this card.

Novus Rx Card is HIPAA compliant and your information is NEVER given or sold to any third party.

Novus Rx Card Benefits

Easy To Use

Download Card, Go To Pharmacy, Start Saving Immediately. You're One Click Away From Saving

How It Works

Million of people in our network have the power and pharmacies compete for your business

Who Pays For The Discount

The pharmacies! Your purchasing gives you access to pricing typically reserved for the large insurance companies.

Participating Pharmacies

Over 60,000 nationwide. This is good business for them, good business for us, and big savings for you. This card is always free.

Typical Savings

We find that our pricing is typically much less expensive than the insurance company pricing for generic drugs. Typically 40%-90%.

Is My Privacy Protected?

Yes always! Your medical and prescription information is never shared with us by your pharmacy, it is HIPPA compliant.

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