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The twilio information is already inserted in settings and tested correctly. The plugin is WPSMS What i need for you to do is create a database or segment of the database called NOBO List, there are two lists

  1. Take the two lists called a). Nobo List 1  and b) Nobo List 2 insert them so i can send the sms text messaging to the number
  2. Make sure when people type the word “Stop” they are listed in the Blacklist so we wont send them text messaging again, that list can be found here: Blacklist
  3. I need to have headers of phone number always beginning with this prefix +1
  4. I need the first inserted with the message. The message will read: Novus MedPlan symbol NDEV release its 3Q Financial Report:, thx {{first_name}}
  5. Always make sure the {{first_name}} inserts the name. if not it will look pretty awful
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