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Vaping And Seniors: Can Vaping Help Seniors?


Vaping As A Senior

As more users are interested in exploring a new method of consuming several herbs and tobacco through vaping, the excitement to learn about it is increasing. 

Vaping started as a safe and healthier alternative to smoking and has rapidly become a trend everywhere. Today, there are various options for vaping that include a large spectrum of herbs, vape juices, e-liquids.  

It’s not just youngsters, but also seniors, who love the vaping experience. In fact, more seniors are approaching it as a way to quit smoking as well as an efficient method to consume herbs such as cannabis for its several health benefits.


So, can vaping help seniors? If so, let’s find out how.

Why do Seniors Vape?

There are many reasons why seniors might wish to vape. The first one, of course, is nicotine addiction. Nicotine addiction occurs over a prolonged period of usage and quitting suddenly might be difficult. The effects of using tobacco from cigarettes can be intense for elders, especially with existing health conditions. 

Vaping seems like a good alternative to smoking for many seniors who believe that it could be a path to reducing or quitting the habit eventually. Browsing through the range of premium brands which gives a spectrum of choices available with nicotine to cater to their needs. Now you can order cheap e juice online and enjoy the vaping.

Vaping could also be a stress-reliever among the older generation. From pain to nostalgia, seniors tend to expose themselves to a lot of stress-inducing conditions and turn to habits such as vaping to curb the feeling. 

Finally, it could just be their way of feeling closer to the new generation that makes them feel young and confident. It can make them feel happy and excited about trying a new trend that is popular among the younger generation. 

The Physical and Social Implications of Vaping for Seniors

Seniors tend to have a positive attitude and feel better about taking up a habit like vaping in general. The side effects of e-cigarettes are still under study and some even suggest that it might be harmful to seniors. But weighing how much of an enjoyable experience this could be for seniors, the long term effects of the habit seem negligible.

Future or long term side effects of vaping after 20 years may not be a concern. They would rather prefer to enjoy the experience and benefits of it today. In fact, the habit could bring many benefits to their mental and physical health with the right herbs and/or e-liquids, which might feel more important than the long-term effects. 


Although vaping is becoming rapidly popular in several parts of the world and among many age groups, there is still a social stigma embodying the habit. There are judgments and assumptions about those who take up the habit that could also apply to seniors who vape.

But these social stigmas and judgments may not be a deciding factor for opting to vape by many seniors. Many of them are keen to understand how it can improve their lifestyle and health over everything else. 

Their focus is physical health and mental bliss and vaping could help them live a happy life. That way, vaping can be an incredibly fun experience for seniors to live their life on their terms.



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How Can it Help Seniors?

1. An Alternative to Smoking

Even in the absence of conclusive evidence to indicate that vaping could curb the urge to smoke and help in quitting the habit, several seniors are switching to vape devices rather than investing in cigarettes. 


Jennie Cox shares her story of switching to e-cigarettes and how it changed her life. A person who typically consumed more than two packs of cigarettes a day has quit smoking for four years after choosing vaping. Many seniors believe that it could help them gradually reduce the intake of tobacco and eventually quit the habit altogether.


2. Controlled Dosage

Most seniors smoke at their age because of a habit they developed when they were younger. Their body yearns for nicotine, and quitting all at once due to any other health conditions could cause several side effects from nicotine withdrawal.

The varying levels of nicotine dosage in e-liquids could be a good alternative to cigarettes. Those with the intention to quit can slowly lower the nicotine levels and switch to flavored e-liquids. You can also work with a vibrant choice of flavors for a better experience. 

3. It Can Be Useful to Utilize Several Herbs

The boom in the cannabis industry has encouraged seniors to approach this plant for treating ailments such as pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness. 

Vaping CBD or cannabis can be a good solution to introduce the cannabinoids into your system for achieving many of these benefits. The effects of the cannabinoids in your body are almost immediate and last for a short duration.

Apart from cannabis, vape liquids with flavors such as lavender can have a soothing and calming effect on their body to promote sleep and relaxation. 

Some Things to Remember

Acquired or Existing Habit?

It’s important to remember that new users often face issues with vaping that include shortness of breath and mouth dryness. These are very common symptoms among regular users. 

These effects could have an intense effect on seniors, and hence one needs to be careful while developing the habit. A thorough understanding of a person’s health conditions can help understand how vaping can benefit them. 


Watch Out for Existing Health Conditions

Vaping might be a slightly risky choice for seniors with existing medical conditions. The interaction of medication with vape juices could cause serious side effects. 

The lack of research to understand the interaction of medication with vaping and the possible side effects indicate that it is best to avoid mixing them.

There are several challenges to understanding the practice of vaping completely. There’s a lot to know as well as to understand before we can understand its true potency and possible problems that could arise from vaping regularly.

But so far, the process does not cause any immediate or short-term health problems. The many benefits possible from switching to vaping from cigarettes and exploring vaping for using herbs can outweigh the long-term side effects and help seniors live a wonderful life.




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