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7 Signs You Have A Stoner Personality

Are You Or Am I A Stoner?

Personality includes a wide range of behavioral, social, as well as emotional aspects of human beings. In simple words, it denotes the way a person reacts to a particular situation. Humans are social animals and always thrive upon interaction with fellow humans and other species. While no two individuals are the same in their behavior, certain personality types cover up many human beings.

One such personality is the type influenced by Cannabis and a Pothead attitude. If you come across people who call you a stoner often, then keep reading. Stoner personality involves a variety of characteristics and behaviors that resembles the after-weed effects. Whether it’s staying content or being lost in your thoughts, every stoner boasts features that are very much alike. Keep reading to know the signs that fetch you a stoner label without any doubts.

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  • Constant Desire To Explore & Learn

Most of the stoners out there thrive on exploring the unexplored. This personality experiences a constant desire to learn new things and solve the mysteries of life. What confirms the fact that you are a pothead is open-mindedness, learning abilities, and broad perspectives. Along with this, you might feel like traveling now and then to understand the cultural differences.

Another crucial aspect of this personality is love for different genres of music. You may possess diverse music tastes and keep changing your playlists. Often, the potheads like to try out different cuisines as well. You never limit yourself to your favorite dishes or turn any meal away. Owing to this appreciation for diversity, you end up making friends from different cultures, countries, and religions. If you thrive on widening your perspective constantly, then you undoubtedly are a pothead.

  • Potheads Call You A Stoner

Another promising sign is the constant recognition by real potheads. You might be mistaken for being a stoner every time you travel to the mountains. Real cannabis smokers acquire this ability to find out if you’re one of them or not. Hence, if the long-haired men with loads of piercings offer you some weed quite often, then you can certainly be sure of your personality type.

Natural stoners also relate and communicate better with high people. You might laugh at their jokes or find them intriguing way more than the other people. Stoners tend to share their secrets and have a nice time merely chatting with the natural potheads. In case it’s not just you who enjoys being around them, it’s about time that you buy yourself a 510 cartridge for some ultimate vaping experience.

  • Love For Classical Rock Music


Do you admire The Beatles or The Rolling Stones and the kind of music they compose? If yes, then you might be one of the many natural stone heads. In the present scenario, people hardly relate to 60s music and compositions. However, stoner personalities adore the variations that classic rock music offers. This is because they experience an all-natural euphoric state while listening to those beats.

Mind-enhancing drugs possess an exciting relation to music preferences. Usually, every stoner prefers the 60s Punk or purely Psychedelic music. Stoners experience a higher perception of the auditory stimulus due to the effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol. Hence, if you’re a pothead, you might adore the high-pitched tracks more.

  • Admire The Antiquities Of Nature 

Almost every person wishes to explore nature and its aesthetics. But, for a stoner, nature is nothing less than a necessity. The mere reason behind a stoner personality being an avid nature-lover is the scope of unlimited discoveries. Every weed smoker craves to solve the mysteries, and nature offers them much-needed uncertainty.

Smoking cannabis makes you perceive things differently and on a deeper level. What doesn’t amaze you when you’re sober might turn out to be miraculous once you’re high. However, for the potheads, every little thing in life is exciting and instilled with innumerable enigmas. It’s about time that you transform the latent stoner inside you into an active one sooner.

  • End Up Solving The Disputes


A pothead personality comes with an exceptional understanding of human behavior. You always try to give yourself the reasons as to why someone is as miserable as they are. You often wonder, “what if they had a bad day?” Or “maybe they’re not in their best moods” quite often. This inbuilt nature to give others the benefit of the doubt is what makes you the real pothead.

Apart from this, you tend to be the mediator in solving your friends’ fights. People rely on your sense of understanding and think of you as a calm and sensible individual. Weed takes away the aggression and makes you incredibly peaceful. Since aggression causes rigid views, stoners rarely experience fixed ideas or fights with their friends. Natural potheads possess the inbuilt ability to remain tranquil, no matter what the situation is.

  • Lack Of Memory Retention

Retaining memory can be a difficult task when you possess a stoner personality. You might experience trouble remembering the recent incidents, or even the place where you keep the keys. Stimulants like weed alter the brain functioning and interfere with the memory center, namely the amygdala. High levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for disturbing the memory retention process.

Due to this, experts use marijuana therapeutically to erase the troublesome memories in anxiety-prone patients. However, a stoner personality has the inherent ability to forget short-term instances. Once you experience this for a considerable amount of time, you can be sure of being a pothead. This calls for celebration as people like you are least prone to psychiatric ailments. Keep Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Generalized Personality Disorder at bay with just a few puffs. Also, check out Plant Before Pills to read some interesting content.

  • Lack Of Interest In Recent Trends

The latest trends and newcomers fascinate almost every individual. But, if you’re a stoner personality, this might not be so true. Potheads hardly pay any attention to the ever-evolving fashion trends. Instead, they like to follow their style. You might find yourself wearing some loose tees, metallic piercings, and stoner apparel. The peculiar facade of stoners boasts their inclination towards unique techniques and an eye-catchy appeal. Let the outfits, hairstyles, and accessories boast your stoner abilities in no time.

  • Final Verdict

Every individual belongs to a distinct personality, reflecting their behavior in unique ways possible. Stoner personality does this best owing to its incredible apparel and an appeal that speaks for itself. If you’re still in a dilemma about being a pothead, then some crucial signs might help. Potheads often resolve disputes and stay content with whatever they have. Also, they are too fascinated by the beauty of nature and wish to explore the related treasures. You often end up listening to 70s music all night without getting bored. Make sure to consider the signs mentioned above to confirm your stoner personality.

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