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A Simple Guide To Make Kratom Blend

Kratom Positives

As time goes on, more people are willing to try out Kratom. People are learning about the positive experiences others have had with Kratom and the potential health benefits it offers. However, like with any new emerging substance, there are a lot of myths and false information.

Some people simply don’t want to accept discoveries and stigmatize them, while others share misinformation due to lack of knowledge. When it comes to Kratom, most people who would like to try it are worried about the taste.

Most people have heard that Kratom’s taste isn’t pleasant. At the same time, they see different types of Kratom and strains and don’t know where to start. That’s what we will talk about today, so bear with us for a while.

Types of Kratom 

The first thing you should know about Kratom is that not all Kratom strains are the same. There are three main types with different characteristics, and we will explore those below.

  • Red Kratom

A trendy Kratom option, praised by users for its potential sedative effects. It can also be used as a euphoric stimulant and pain relief. The leaves of this Kratom are dried extensively with UV lamps or by being exposed to sunlight.

It’s one of the mellowest types of Kratom and generally doesn’t have stimulating effects. That’s why it’s easy to find and great for beginners. It’s believed to work as a mild sedative that can keep users calm and help them deal with pain.

  • White Kratom

This Kratom type has a very strong taste. Beginners who haven’t tried Kratom likely won’t enjoy its flavor. However, experienced consumers often go with this option. The leaves of this type are dried indoors without any exposure to light.

Compared to red Kratom, these strains are far more potent. Its effects are often associated with increased alertness and high energy levels. Many users also say that it has a milder stimulating effect.

  • Green Kratom

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This type is somewhere in between white and red Kratom. It offers similar stimulation to white Kratom. These leaves are gathered later when the plant has matured completely. It’s dried both indoors and outdoors.

It has more subtle effects than white Kratom, but it’s more potent than red Kratom. No matter which option you need, the store is the place to get your strain without any complications.

Things You Need to Make Your Blend 

The only way to make your kratom blend is to get pure kratom powder. You can get different types of Kratom to create the perfect blend you want. At the same time, the powder gives you more options on what you can blend and how you can intake Kratom.

Simultaneously, each of the three types mentioned earlier has its strains that can differ in potency and taste. To make your blend, you’ll also need a scale to make sure you get Kratom’s right amount. You’ll also need a pot or pan, a shaker, and something to mix up the blend.

Making a Toss & Wash Blend 

The simplest option for making your blend – it takes little time and can be done easily. It doesn’t taste that good. However, if you want to take your Kratom quickly and easily, it will do the trick.

Simply measure a maximum of 5 grams of any Kratom strain. You can even mix two different strains with each of 2.5 grams. Mix them with a spoon or anything else, and put the powder in your mouth. Then quickly wash it down with a glass of water, juice, or any non-alcoholic beverage.

Making a Kratom Tea Blend

Simply put water on the stove and wait until it boils. Similarly to the way you make any other team put Kratom powder into the water and let it steep for about 10 minutes. Again, don’t put more than 5g of Kratom in a single cup of tea.

Overall, you should go with 5g for two cups of tea. After resting for 10 minutes, use a cheesecloth or a filter to remove all the powder and drink your tea. Consider adding a single tea bag of herbal tea – you’ll get a better taste.

Kratom Shake 

Just as you would mix up any shake, you can use a shaker to add Kratom. For every 0.5 liters of water, add up to 5 grams of Kratom powder. Then add chocolate, bananas, strawberries, or anything else you like. You can even use milk instead of water. Shake it nicely to make sure all the powder has mixed thoroughly.


Start with lower dosages ranging from 1 to 5 grams. Test out different strains and other ingredients you can mix. That’s how you can learn what you like the best and get the desired effects from your Kratom blend.

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