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So, you are about to kick back and smoke your favourite strain. Whether you smoke occasionally or daily, you find you tend to enjoy the same routine when you get high: Hanging out in a group, the playful chitchats are a great time, while solo sessions let you indulge in some quality me-time as you zap through TV channels. After a while, the munchies set in. Sweet and salty snacks or junk food are the most popular choices to satisfy the desire. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this regimen! However, there are so many activities that could be great fun to try out. Especially with the right strain of bud, some activities turn into truly heightened experiences. Even boring daily tasks seem extra awesome! 25 ACTIVITIES YOU NEED TO TRY WHILE HIGH Here are 25 activities you can do while high, along with the strain most suitable for that activity. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two experiences; try all the activities that pique your interest! 1. GO FOR A WALK Go for a walk through the city, a nearby park, or even just a few blocks around your own neighbourhood: You will experience each environment in a new way. Suddenly, you will catch little details that never really stood out before. At first, it might be hard to motivate yourself to start walking. Once you do, however, you will immediately notice how nice it feels. At a brisk pace, it might even feel a bit like you are floating. Physical activity also helps stimulate brain activity, intensifying and possibly prolonging your high too. • Recommended strain: OG Kush

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