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Consumers are Demanding Cannabis To Be Covered By Their Health Plan

In Many Cases, You Can Get Your Employer To Cover The Cost

As quality cannabis is getting into the marketplace consumer’s main issue is the availability and safe consumption but even that comes at an excessive price.  Justifiably the legalization of cannabis has caused emerging effects on the research and development of both medical and recreational cannabis. This is sparking consumer demand for health insurance coverage to alleviate the burden of expensive cash outlays.

Many users and their advocates of medical marijuana have seen steep price growth since legalization and access barriers force many patients to turn to the illegal market. Many medical users of cannabis are receiving their prescriptions from illegal sources, while two-thirds claim that because of concerns over efficacy and cost, they are still stocking up on their illegal and/or legal supplies.

Get Cannabis In Your Health Plan

Legalized in most of the states the average price for “high-quality” cannabis in our nation is $342.82, about $100 higher, according to a crowdsource survey.  Even New Jersey patients on the medical dispensary of marijuana paid $469 an ounce on average. The results are that patients are now being charged an ounce of more than $500 for legal cannabis, making cash strapped Americans to buy on the risky black market.

Now There’s Relief From High Priced Legal Cannabis

Very few places offer cannabis products at a reasonable price. Novus Cannabis MedPlan the nation’s first supplemental health plan is one of the best places where you can find high-quality medicinal and rec meds. Nationally, they have over 320 dispensaries and delivery services, covering 22,000 zip codes, offering up to 55% on your monthly cost of cannabis products.

And being an insurance entity, they can pass the benefits to you, in many cases, there is a loophole to where your employer can pay for the premiums. Say goodbye to the unstable black market, and say hello to more cash in your pocket, let them show you how. 

Let Novus Cannabis MedPlan Show You How


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