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Does CBD Expire?

CBD, How Long Does It Last?

It’s irrefutable CBD has excellent characteristics, but it cannot freeze time. Perhaps, you may be wondering, does CBD oil expire? Worry no more, this is your post.

Therein you’ll learn CBD 101 is like any other natural product, and its shelf life depends on many factors.

However, it doesn’t lose potency within days, like other fresh products such as bread or milk, but it still has an expiration date.

How Long Does CBD Last?

On average, CBD lasts approximately 14 to 24 months. However, the timeframe is variable, determined by many factors. Don’t be surprised to see an older CBD than this.

The four fundamental elements that determine CBD life are heat, light, time, and storage.

These climatic conditions play a crucial role in altering CBD product quality. Their excessiveness catalyzes the decomposition of the oil’s active compounds, hastening its expiration.

Studies posit that extraction methods influence the shelf life of CBD. With this, supercritical CO2 extraction is far much better than steam distillation and solvent extraction because it’s safer, cleaner, less toxic, and more environmentally friendly.

The quality of the end product is more palatable and consistent.

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How can You Extend the CBD Oil Shelf Life?

Some of the tips you can use to extend the shelf life of your CBD oil include the following.

Store your CBD oil in a cool, dark at room temperature to minimize exposure to extreme temperatures. You can achieve this by refrigerating the oil.

Keep the bottle of CBD oil upright and tightly closed. This will help avoid spillage or entry or air, which fastens oxidation.

Store your CBD oil away from heat appliances (stove, oven, windowsill, or radiator). Exposing CBD to heat gradually converts it into other cannabinoids, lowering its potency.

Avoid contamination. Whenever using a dropper to dose your CBD oil, ensure it doesn’t come into contact with your mouth. This helps avoid the passage of germs, which may deteriorate the oil.

Also, clean and dry your hands before touching CBD-infused products to lower water and germs penetration to your oil.

Minimize exposure to air. As you may have noticed, CBD oil products come in air-tight containers. After use, ensure you tightly screw the lid. Remember, the air gradually deteriorates CBD.

Opt to buy a quality product. A quality product will have a longer shelf life than a low-quality one.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad or Degrade?

Does CBD for pain expire or go bad? Yes, it does. Like any other product, CBD can expire and lose flavor, quality, and potency. Although, in rare cases, CBD oil products turn rancid.

Also, if stored improperly or kept for over two years, it can go bad. That means the life of CBD oil cannot go beyond two years.

Moreover, CBD is a non-psychoactive hemp plant extract, existing in different forms such as oils, pills, topical cream, tinctures, edibles, liquids, crystals. Each host varied benefits and differing shelf life.

As discussed earlier, exposure to light, heat, and air affects the quality of CBD oil. In the same vein, CBD oil is like any other consumable product that can degrade, expire, or go bad with time. This makes it unfit for human use due to altered quality, resulting in adverse side effects.

How can You Tell your CBD has Gone Bad?

These three indications will tell that your oil expired.

First, expiry date: After closing the expiry date, your CBD oil won’t be fresh again. It would change its aroma and taste. To avoid this, use the oil before it expires, or refrigerate it.

Second, color and texture: A murky or foggy texture and a darker color than usual reveal your oil has gone bad. However, fuzzy texture can occur due to prolonged refrigeration. In this case, allow the oil to return to normal before consumption.

Lastly, taste and smell: Changes in the aroma would signal your oil has gone bad. You also won’t miss a rancid odor.

Take Away

That said, as per the Food and Drug Administration, all brands should reveal their product expiry date. So be sure to check the life of your CBD under the label before buying it. Again, never buy more than you need, just because it is cheap.

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