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How the Future of the Cannabis Industry Is Female

Recently, the media has been actively promoting a new type of business for women, which should cover all of America in the coming years. This is the upcoming widespread legalization of marijuana. People say that the cultivation and sale of cannabis will cause many billions of dollars in annual profits. Last year, the cannabis business is one of the promising areas for profit. Small marijuana businesses thrive one after the other. Even the situation in the global economy (coronavirus, market collapse) did not interfere. One reason is that the future of the cannabis industry belongs to women.

What is cannabis?

In business, the word “marijuana” is not used. This product can be called Medical Cannabis. Using drugs in medicine is allowed in 12 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Luxembourg. And in Australia, Israel, Canada, and the USA.

If earlier cannabis was perceived negatively in almost all countries and was banned, now everything is changing. Many clinics have opened where preparations based on it are used to treat cancer patients and patients with other diseases. So cannabis is the most common medical drug that has its medical indications, contraindications, and side effects.

The growth of business in the world is at a powerful pace. Three-quarters of the world market for industrial cannabis is in China, while France is the leader in Europe, which in 1961 did not sign the convention banning the production of its industrial. The US legalized the production and consumption of cannabis in 30 states. In December 2020, the UN removed cannabis and its derivatives from the list of highly dangerous drugs.

Cannabis industry

Nowadays, every woman may open a business in the cannabis industry. They already have succeeded in such industries as construction; the textile industry (hemp fabrics are cheap to produce and the most durable); the production of paper; and even in the automotive and aircraft industries. A popular area among successful women is in pharmacology and cosmetology, as well as in the food industry. Plus, cannabis as a medical drug has enormous potential, and its significance for medicine is not yet fully understood.

Women seriously rely on themselves, and as a rule, they rarely make mistakes in logistical calculations. The costs of starting and running a business are not prohibitively high. This is a big difference, say, in relation to manufacturers selling electronic smoking devices. Statistics show that women do not close and do not go bankrupt. A prime example of this is Kim Rivers, who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Trulieve Cannabis Corp. She has contributed significantly to decriminalization at the national level. This means that it will be possible to buy a cannabis-based drug with a doctor’s prescription.

Women’s cannabis trend

Women’s startup companies have already conquered the market. Over the past few months, most of Europe has been in a state of quarantine, so consumers have had a desire to improve their mental state. They have spent a lot of time studying preparations containing cannabidiol, and manufacturers have used home delivery services.

Also, women offer expensive accessories and exclusive cannabis products, and in the future, it will only grow. The most promising market here is in the USA. If in 2018 $881 million (a third of women) were invested in American start-ups in the cannabis industry, then in the first six months of 2019, investments amounted to $1.2 billion. If the same pace of development is maintained, the market capacity will reach $40 billion by 2028.

Financial analysts at Global Market Insights calculated that if women’s interest in this area increases, then by 2025 the value of the cannabis industry in America alone will be $60 billion, and by 2030, almost $100 billion.

Final word

In recent years, dozens of the most promising women’s startups have appeared in America and European countries, changing the way we look at cannabis use in the world. Cannabis start-ups are expanding into products ranging from stress-relieving gum to pain-relieving tampons containing cannabidiol. Large female well-known companies are now entering the cannabis market. Such as “Leune” or “Miss Grass” launching a line of CBD products. Already the second campaign is launched on the cannabis market by “Juniper”. All over the world, the market for female cannabis is growing not because someone is lobbying for it, but because the product is sustainable.



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