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Following the legalization of Cannabis in some states of America, the once underground industry has seen a drastic growth in distribution and sales. Although the legalization of cannabis was only successful in these states because of its medical advantages, others states have however accepted recreational use of this drug. Since more people can now have access to cannabis, it is therefore essential as a cannabis dealer to make your business visible to your potential customers.

Marketing your cannabis business is not an easy task because cannabis is not legal in most states, and many media outlets do not receive cannabis-related adverts. This has made the marketing process a challenge. Digital marketing has, however, made marketing your business less stressful. This article focuses on improving your brand’s online presence using digital marketing.

1-Grow an organic social media following: As a cannabis business owner, you have to understand the limitations within your industry and thread carefully. However, one of the ways to market your business is by utilizing social media. The truth remains that some people consume marijuana, whether medically or recreationally; therefore, by setting up a social media handle for your business, you can reach your potential clients quickly and increase your sales. Focus on growing your followers organically, so you are sure that only potential clients follow you. Social media is a critical factor for business growth as it allows you to be closer to your customers, ask for feedback, and improve on your product. You can also ask your followers to share your social media handle with their friends and family who they think might be interested in your business. In this case, you are increasing your following and sales potential at the same time.

 2-Create a business website: The bedrock of your digital marketing is your website. You are the king over your website, and you decide whatever happens on the site, so it is an integral part of your online expansion. Create a website that represents all that you stand for. Your website should display your product and the price of each product with a description of use to enable your customers to select the best one for them. You can also create forms where you take down your customers’ information, which would help you with email marketing. Create a column on your website where customers will input their phone number, email, etc. Doing this would help retain your customers and notify them when a new product is available. You can drive traffic to your website using your social media handle. Tell them about discounts available when they buy from your website and watch as they troop in.

3-Advertise using a cannabis-friendly network: Digital media has allowed startups to thrive and defy the monopoly of media giants like Google and the likes. With this in mind, you should note that there are cannabis-friendly advertising networks available which you probably do not know about because you have not done your research. Go online and do your research. You’ll be surprised to find advertising networks promoting the cannabis business. An example is Mantis. This network is focused on reaching millennials and promoting content that suits that category. There are, however, many more of these media platforms online that you can utilize to market your product.

4-Become a Novus Cannabis Medplan Provider: Changes in the regulatory landscape favor insurance coverage that allows cannabis to be a part of health plans. Delivering great foot traffic with very little capital outlay. These regulatory changes are:

*The Compassionate Care Act: Sixty-five million employees are protected from termination for using medical cannabis, which leads the way for Employer-Sponsored Health Plans.
* The Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act: Prohibits the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to allow 19 million veterans to participate in state-approved cannabis programs and now, VA doctors can recommend cannabis as a treatment alternative.
*Opioid Settlement Framework: Health Carriers and Big Pharma are paying $45 billion in compensatory damages, rehabilitation, and opioid diversion programs. Paving the way for Novus Cannabis MedPlan as a compelling option for the use of the settlement funds.

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5-Develop an SEO strategy: Search Engine Optimization is not limited to any industry. The same way other leading organizations optimize their websites to rank on search engines is the same way you, as a cannabis business owner, can optimize your website to rank between 1-3 on all search engines. Without optimizing your website, it would be difficult for people to notice you unless you ask people to go check you out. Optimizing your website would help people find you whenever they search for “Cannabis vendor” or other related keywords on different search engines. However, to do this, you would require SEO services from professionals in the optimization field. Some SEO service platforms available online are SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

6-Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is another key to the success of many online businesses. Influencer marketing has to do with using people who already have large online followership to promote your business. Now before this can work for you, you have to ensure that the influencer you choose is a person who has been using similar products in the past. It would make it easier for you to approach the person and for their followers to patronize you. Therefore for influencer marketing to be successful, the followers of the individual you decide to employ must be your target audience. Influencers can also help you grow your online presence and, build your brand’s reputation.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective forms of business promotion in every industry. However, you have to be aware of the rules and regulations within your industry so as not to make mistakes that would put your business at risk. Cannabis is only legal in some states in America and illegal in most parts; as long as you are aware of the territories, then you should know how best to go about your business expansion. If you have been having issues growing your cannabis business, you have nothing to worry about. Try the above-listed tips and come back to give your testimony.

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