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How to Use Cannabis for Wellness in 9 Easy Steps

How to Use Cannabis for Wellness in 9 Easy Steps

Jointly is a new cannabis wellness app that helps people discover purposeful cannabis consumption to live better, naturally.

Purposeful cannabis consumption starts with the question: Why do you use cannabis?

With the Jointly app, you choose your reason for consuming cannabis from our list of common wellness goals and rate cannabis or CBD products based on how well they helped you achieve your goals. Then you track the 15 factors that can impact your results and use what you learn to dial in your experience.

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Experienced cannabis enthusiasts use Jointly to optimize their cannabis consumption so that they can enjoy their ideal cannabis experience every time. For beginners, we make it easy to learn how to use cannabis to achieve your specific health and wellness goals.

Jointly maintains a proprietary database of legal and licensed cannabis and CBD products available in your state. Use our comprehensive cannabis and CBD catalog to discover new products and see how other Jointly users rated them. Think of Jointly like a digital cannabis club where you can harness the wisdom of the crowd to live better, naturally.

And we’re finding that Jointly can be even more useful for people who are new to cannabis or are perhaps coming back to it in adulthood now that is increasingly legal and socially acceptable. From recreational cannabis use to medicinal and beyond, we’re here to give you the best possible experience.

Jointly helps people get started on their cannabis wellness journey safely, carefully, and purposefully.

Here’s how to use Jointly to get started with cannabis wellness:

  1. Choose your goals

Why do you want to use cannabis? Jointly supports 11 different wellness goals including relaxation, stress relief, improved sleep, pain management, and athletic recovery.

  1. Choose the right product for your goals

Use Jointly’s Product Finder to discover products that other users have rated well for the same goals. We only show you products that are available in your state. Browse through top-rated products and filter your results by flavor, product type and ingestion method to find the products that you are interested in trying. Save these products to your Favorites list for easy access.

  1. Buy the products

Jointly doesn’t sell any cannabis products or endorse any brands. From any product detail screen, you can touch Find Stores to see where it is sold. We are working on improving this function and will soon integrate with local dispensaries and delivery services to make this easier for you.

  1. Start small

After you have purchased the product you want to try, start with the lowest possible dose – one piece, one puff, one spray, one patch, etc. From cannabis oil to cannabis-infused edibles, it’s important to start small and work your way up to your ideal dose. Do it in a safe and comfortable setting. And, if you want to increase your odds of success, try it for the first time when you’re already in a good mood. ?

  1. Create reports

After the experience is complete, create a report using Jointly. These reports are how you will optimize your cannabis consumption. In the report, you rate how well the product helped you achieve your wellness goals, and you document the factors that can impact your experience – things like the dose, the time between doses, how much sleep you got last night, how full you are, and the time of day. All these factors help determine how to use cannabis in the form, amount, setting, and delivery method that’s best for you.

  1. Make adjustments

Depending on how well that product helped you achieve your goals, in your next session you can try consuming more or less. You can also try changing some of the factors that may impact your experience. For example, you could try the same products after exercising or on a full stomach – and make a report. As you’re getting started, Jointly works best if you make a report every time you consume cannabis. Jointly users who create at least 10 reports have improved their results by an average of 38%

  1. View your Personal Insights

As you create additional reports, you will visit your Personal Insights tool in Jointly, where you will discover routines that will help you improve your results and achieve your wellness goals, naturally. With each report you add, your Personal Insights become increasingly helpful and meaningful.

  1. Visit your Results Tracker

As you continue on your journey to better wellness, you will use the Results Track to monitor your progress and watch as your results improve with time and practice.

  1. Enjoy your ideal experience every time

Optimizing your cannabis experience is a journey. Jointly makes it easy. Jointly helps make your wellness goals more attainable by fine-tuning how to use cannabis for your individual needs. And, if you find that your results aren’t improving with time and practice, you can use Jointly to find a different product, a new routine, or a different dose. You should also head to our Wellness Center for answers to all your cannabis questions and the latest news and information on cannabis wellness.

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