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How Vaping Market Shows A Boom On Black Friday

Black Friday Vape

Whether you are using vape to stay away from cigarettes or only using it to boost your social status, vaping has slowly started to be a part of modern culture. The vape market was growing at a steady rate, and the year 2019 came when EVALI slowed it down. However, E-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI), commonly known as the vaping crisis, began to decline after its peak in September 2019.

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According to many experts, the Vaping crisis was ironically a good thing that happened as it helped to curb out illegal marketing. It alerted the industry, and organizations responded to it by prioritizing safety while making the vape products. Furthermore, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, an increasing number of people are consuming cannabis to cope with stress and boredom. With this came the landmark news of the House passing a landmark bill of decriminalization of weed for recreational purposes. Because of these three reasons, experts predict that the coming summer will bring a sharp rise in the vaping market.

The CEO of Clear Cannabis Inc, Tom Brooksher, gave an interview to Forbes, in which he said that summer is a hot-season for weed-sales as stoners buy their products to enjoy the summer holidays. With the decriminalization of weed, they expect an amplified demand for vaping products, which are meant to enhance the experience of summer-breaks.

All these predictions came true when the market showed a surge in vape-sales during the vape deals on black friday. To understand how and why this happened, we need to go back to the times, which nobody likes to discuss much: The beginning of the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

How Pandemic Affected the Vape Market?

The vape market is believed to grow at a steady rate, even in this uncertain economy. Along with physical and economical, the Covid-19 pandemic has knocked down the mental well-being of many people. It not just took away their social lives but left them alone at home to confront their fears. The result of this was stress, which led to depression. Everywhere, Americans were trying to cope up with this unfortunate situation by finding creative solutions. At such times, cannabis came to the rescue.

Cannabis is one of the most researched herbs across the globe because of its medicinal potential. Studies have proven that it effectively helps to deal with stress, so it is becoming popular. One can consume cannabis in different forms. However, vaping is becoming a favorite among the masses. Vaping weed involves using a vaporizing device to inhale the vapors produced from the dried leaves. It is also called an e-cigarette.

A lot of people consider vaping safer than smoking a cigarette. Thanks to all these reasons, a rising number of people are changing their minds about cannabis consumption, which widens the weed consumer base. More and more people are taking cannabis to deal with stressful times, and vaping provides them a safer way to do it. All this is contributing to buzz in the vape market.

Increased Demand for the Vaping Product

The Corona Virus brought the fear of catching a severe disease by contact. At such times, people were aware of the dangers of sharing the joints and bowls. On the other hand, vapes are cleaner and durable than other options. Who would want to roll a joint when they know much simpler options like vape pens are available in the market?

If this wasn’t enough, social media also played a role in increasing the demand for vaping products. The vaping product companies heavily marketed their products on various social media platforms. The fear and growing trend together stirred up more and more people to buy vaping products.

Vaping Products and Black Friday

The Friday that comes after Thanksgiving is precious to us Americans, as it is our Black Friday. It is that one day of the year when the prices of all products drop so low that we go wild while shopping. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on this day. But this year was marked by a whopping $ 9 billion that shoppers spent on online shopping.

Vaping products are also a part of this gigantic figure; this year, the vaping market has reported a boom. Along with the pandemic, the improved quality of vapes is predicted to be a reason behind this surge. Companies are proactively using higher quality raw materials to enhance product efficiency. They have recognized the shift from sharing devices to personal vaporizers in the cannabis users, and they are dedicatedly preparing to cater to this demanding consumer base.

Moreover, many organizations are dropping vitamin E acetate and similar fillers, which can cause vaping-related illnesses. They are also using the highest quality ceramic heating cartridges in their vaping products. They have also provided exciting offers and discounts on Black Friday deals, which eventually contributed to the increased sales.

Final Thoughts

The Vaping industry is a dynamic market driven by a motivated and loyal consumer base. Whether it is the stretching pandemic or increased concern about our mental health, consumption of cannabis is coming forward as a promising way to deal with many modern problems.

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