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News Direct Distribution Is Not Guaranteed

A Series Of Actual Events


Gregg Castano, Founder & CEO Of News Direct

I was approached by one of the salespeople Tim Freres who was seeking our business and offered a complimentary press release.

He promised and represented that their distribution to discount broker sites (Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and OTC Markets) was guaranteed. As a small company, we’re always looking to cut corners, so we agreed. We uploaded the content on News Direct’s Portal, did a major email, social networking, and text campaign to our 103,000-opt-in database.  

The next day after 4:00 pm it was brought to our attention that our press release did not propagate on those sites represented by Freres and the major marketing campaign that we hyperlinked to OTC Markets was a dead link. It did more harm than good, so we had to scramble and spend more money than we would have originally done if we used another distributor such as AccessWire.

The experience was really a kick in the teeth as we tried to resolve the problem by brainstorming with Freres on how we can overcome this crisis management. Freres offered no solution but did say he would get with distribution and get back to me, to date of this post, he has not gotten back to us on why distribution did not perform. Perhaps they don’t care. 

More Trouble Than It Was Worth

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