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 The Right Way To Introduce CBD To Your Pet

CBD For Your Pets Health 

In recent years, alternative and natural supplements have gained significant ground in the commercial market, owing to prescription-based medicines’ long-term side-effects. Out of various options, CBD has proved to be one of the most studied and researched compounds. Not only can humans take advantage of this substance, but leading manufacturers and producers have also come up with CBD treats for pets.

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If you are introducing CBD to your pets for the first time, be cautious. CBD oil is derived from trusted autoflower seeds so that it can be of good quality and beneficial for pets. Since CBD has a grassy flavor, the best way of administering the substance is through treats and CBD edibles that pets are familiar with. However, there are several factors you need to consider before introducing CBD to your pet.

1.   Proper Dosage

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One of the foremost things is to find the right amount of dose to provide the relief they are seeking. Since every dog reacts to CBD differently, you need to regularly check on the amount of CBD that works for them. Monitor the pet for desired results and if you fail to witness any significant changes, increase the dosage. Remember, there are various forms and flavored CBD oil that you can incorporate into their treats and gummies.

2.   Post-playing & Walking

Just like humans, pets need supplements to fight pain and fatigue. Even if you are looking to grab a water bottle for the dog or simply searching for delectable dog treats, CBD oil can be added easily. The easiest way to introduce CBD to your pet is by adding a recommended amount of CBD oil into their water. You can even look for pet tincture oils, which can offer seamless applications with minimal effort.

3.   Training


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You can teach dogs to heed several basic commands, just like horses are trained to identify sounds. One of the factors that make the training effect is the treat that follows a successful command completion. Dogs know that you will throw them a treat after they have subjectively completed a task.

Various Options

Once you have decided to introduce the substance, there are multiple options to choose from:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD pet treats
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD salves and creams

Final Thoughts


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When it comes to introducing CBD to your pets, start with 1mg/ml per day. Track the effects for a few days and then gradually increase the dose by around 0.05mg/ml per kg. One of the vital things to monitor amid your pet’s behavior is the supplement’s reaction. If you notice disorientation, drowsiness, or dry mouth, consult a knowledgeable vet.


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