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Vaping Etiquette Every Vaper Should Know

A large proportion of the population is accepting vaping as a suitable alternative to many nicotine delivery systems. It is not surprising that many people are turning to it, and the use is rising. Even though the vapor from vaping is not harmful, users need to understand what is a dab pen and observe simple vaping etiquettes and vape like a responsible human. 

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One can chase vast clouds of vapor without losing good manners. This is essential to preserve your manners and encourage normal and acceptable practice in the community. With the above in mind, here are simple rules that should guide every vaper wherever they are – whether at home or in public places.

  • Vaping Should be Restricted to the Right Location

While vaping is not annoying like the output of other nicotine delivery systems, it is not a license to vape wherever you wish and annoy everyone. The golden rule that should guide you is that you should not vape where you can’t use another nicotine delivery system. Even though vaping stands out from other nicotine delivery systems, the world and society still accept it. Till then, you need to be smart in getting a spot to enjoy your orion vape.

Vaping is not allowed in airports and other public transport systems like trains, buses, and cabs. Private businesses like restaurants, casino places, supermarkets, the mall, etc., might not allow vaping. Be a gentleman and verify the policy on vaping before attempting it. You can decide to vape as much as you want in the confinement of your home. However, be sure to respect the guests.

  • Hiding Your Cloud isn’t Cool.

People vape for various reasons. Some people vape to curb their craving for nicotine or tobacco. On the other hand, some people derive pleasure in blowing vast clouds of vapor. Indeed, these devices make a massive amount of clouds. There are safe coils that allow vapes to blow massive clouds, making it evident to people around that you are vaping. 

With this, hiding your cloud or putting your puff away is not cool. There is no point in being embarrassed by the habit. It is pretty embarrassing seeing someone desperately trying to vape with their device hidden in their sleeve. You should make sure not to vape in restricted places.

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  • Avoid Confined Space 

When you consider the massive cloud of vapor produced by vape devices, it is a good idea to let it out in the open. Vaping in closed doors or places without adequate ventilation is not a good idea. The presence of people or pets makes it inappropriate to vape in a confined space. If you feel a massive urge to satisfy your craving, take a walk to a corner and vape, provided there are no restrictions on vaping. 

Regulations are guiding vaping in various countries; hence be mindful of your location. Even if there are no vaping regulations in your locality, be aware of the property owner’s restriction. As a result, be sure to always ask if you are in doubt.


  • It is not Cool to Blow the Vapor in People’s faces.

It is never cool to blow the vapor at someone’s face. This is a massive sign of contempt and disrespect and should not be practiced as a prank. The fact that vaping does not contain the toxins and irritating chemicals in tobacco does not make it cool to blow a cloud in someone’s face. In the same way, do not blow at pets as well. Your pet might react adversely to what you are vaping, and the effect might not be palatable, especially when vaping marijuana.

If you want to vape in public places, find a perfect spot for that. If it is not possible, be a perfect gentleman and keep the vapor away from the crowd. Vaping around kids is also not a good idea, even if your vaping juice has bubblegum-scented vapor or does not contain nicotine. 


  • It is More than “the Smell”

When people are told not to vape in an area, they respond and defend themselves by saying it does not smell. This is true as vape cloud does not produce the annoying smell like other nicotine delivery systems. It is somewhat bewildering to classify vaping as another nicotine delivering system. This is because vaping indeed leaves a pleasant and sometimes fruity smell depending on the flavor. 

However, vapers need to understand that society must accept that vaping stands out from other nicotine delivery systems. Several people could be irritated by enormous clouds or indoor vapors. As a result, respecting people’s opinions matters, whether it smells or not. 

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels


Vapers need to be guided by some rules when vaping. Blowing vapor in someone’s face is not cool; neither is vaping around pets acceptable. It is essential to let common sense guide everyone so that they can be socially responsible when vaping. Even if your vapor has the nicest scent, not everyone will be interested or impressed. Not following these simple rules described above could make you piss everyone off. It is also important to remember that most people classify vaping with other nicotine delivery system, which calls for caution.


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