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A beginner Guide to Afgoo Grow

Afgoo, sometimes called Afgooey, comes from the Californian medical Cannabis scene, although its exact breeder is unknown. It’s an Indica dominant strain that the cross involves Afghani #1 plus Maui Haze. Using its partly Hawaiian tradition, Maui Haze contributes the Sativa part of Afgoo, which gets its names from the apparent stickiness of the buds.

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This weed has a pine scent mixed with earthy elements, and the flavor Adds notes of sweet flowers and spice. A powerful body stone dominates the quick-acting strike, and this is a weed with definite couchlock tendencies. Buy Afgoo should you suffer from insomnia, then it is highly recommended.

Afgoo bud color

Afgoo bud grows into a moderate height with light-green, long-fingered Leaves that reflect its minority Sativa heritage. The green buds are tacky with resin, and THC content is 16 to 18 percent.

The Afgoo breed was bred with indoor growing in mind, and it will be Well in hydro or soil. Flowering time is eight weeks, and you’ll be able to anticipate especially substantial yields at harvest time.

Outdoor growing will only create successful outcomes if you live someplace with at least a Mediterranean climate.

Most commercial growers favor Afgoo because of its high returns and Dependable potency as explained in Afgoo strain review guide. Home gardeners pick it for exactly those Qualities, though it’s best to choose this strain in case you already have.

Growing Afgoo

As mentioned, the “goo” at Afgoo describes its abundant resin production. When growing this breed, anticipate cylindrical or cone-shaped buds shiny in thick trichomes. The little or medium-sized nug are tightly packed in huge colas held proudly by rugged branches. Its bright green foliage flushes in rich plum when exposed to cold temperatures.

The midsize, wet-looking beauty is resistant to common diseases. Though not difficult to raise, it is recommended to growers with a bit of experience. Its luxuriant leafage will require some trimming and pruning. These patterns guarantee the flowers get an ample number of nutrients, along with the lower leaves have sufficient light and air.

Afgoo is very fruitful cannabis. Growing it inside on soil or Hydroponics with a SOG setup produces around 900 grams per square meter. That’s just after flowering for 2 to 9 weeks, which can be relatively quick compared to other breeds. In a perfect outdoor setting, every plant can reveal a whopping 1000 grams of buds. In the northern hemisphere, harvest rolls around late September to early October.

Have you developed or employed Afgoo? Otherwise, do you want to get your hands on this particular strain? Please leave a comment to tell us exactly what you think. We would like to hear from you.

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