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7 Creative Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It

Cannabis is everywhere. No, we don’t mean it’s under the bed or stored away in every kitchen. We mean that the legalization of cannabis has given way to easy access for all adult users and MMJ patients.

Currently, there are numerous ways of consuming cannabis, the most common being smoking. However, due to the obvious side effects and repercussions associated with smoking, consumers are making a quick shift toward other ‘less toxic’ ways of consumption.

Let’s discuss 7 other ways, apart from smoking that you can enjoy without putting yourself at risk.


This one is another extremely common way people enjoy consuming cannabis from pot brownies to dose-sized gummies, chocolates, and bread. You can find plenty of edibles out for sale or even make your own at home.

However, with edibles, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

To begin with,

Edibles take their time before showing effect. These need to be consumed, digested, and metabolized before the THC can find its way into your bloodstream. This can take up to a few hours.

Edibles are the easiest to overdose. Even when you’re consuming dose-sized gummies, you might not feel the effects just yet. This often leads consumers to take another dose before the first one shows effect. The end result – is an unpleasant high. This can be characterized by anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, dry mouth, and more.

THC Powder

THC powder is a water-soluble powder that you can add to your drink before gulping it down. Unlike other edibles, this potent THC product does not require hours to take effect. The best part? You can make this powder at home as well. However, if you’re trying to get your hands on a potent powder, you need a California Marijuana Card to access some from a local dispensary. Any recreational powder you find will only contain the legal THC limit (0.3%) and won’t be intoxicating enough.

This powder can be added to any special recipes that you enjoy or even your evening cup of tea. Once consumed, you’re sure to start feeling effects pretty early on, without the unnecessary interlude of a few hours.

While this product is a sub-type of edibles, its effects are more like that of smoking or sublingual tinctures.

Sublingual Tinctures

Another product that doesn’t make you wait for the effects to show up. Sublingual tinctures are alcohol-based solutions infused with cannabis. These require you to place a single drop or two (depending on the directed dosage) under your tongue and hold it there for a few minutes before swallowing.

Here’s what you must know about cannabis tinctures to truly experience their effects:

The cannabinoids in sublingual tinctures are absorbed via the mucous membrane under the tongue. This means that the product enters the bloodstream directly, without being digested or metabolized.

When consuming, you must first swallow as much saliva as possible so it doesn’t wash away the tincture.

You must keep these drops under your tongue for as long as directed on the product (which can be as long as 10 minutes).

Transdermal Patches

If you’ve ever heard of the nicotine patches used to quit smoking, this one is pretty similar. Transdermal patches are adhesive and need to be applied to any venous part of the body. The THC in these patches gets released into the body once your body heats up the patch.

Unlike other methods of administration that require the cannabinoid to be broken down in the stomach, the liver, or go through the lungs, this one administers THC into the bloodstream via the skin.

Also, if you’re expecting to feel the psychoactive effects of THC and be high on cloud 9, these patches won’t work for you. The absorption of THC into the body is slow and steady, which does not allow you to feel too overwhelmed with the high-like effects of THC. In other words, patches work best for those who need cannabis for medical aid and not otherwise.


From creams, lotions, balms, salves, gels, and even skincare, there is no limit to this side of cannabis products.

Most of these topicals, like the balms, roll-ons, and salves work best for targeted relief from chronic pain. People tend to apply these while consuming other cannabis products to enjoy complete relief from their symptoms.


Pretty similar to smoking but without the smoke. Vaping heats up cannabis to create a vapor that you inhale to feel the effects. Similar to smoking, the effects are almost immediate and are a great way of feeling instant relief. The effects however are short-lived and you’ll have to vape a few times during the day to feel long-term effects.

Pills, Capsules, and Tablets

Tasteless, precise, and easy to consume. This one is the traditional way of consuming the medication. The method isn’t creative enough- which is why it is the last one on this list.

There are plenty of cannabis consumption methods that do not involve smoking or inhaling toxic particles. Depending on the type of effects you want, how long you want them to last, and how quickly you want to feel them, you can find the most suitable cannabis product for you.

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