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What Are the Real Benefits of Microdosing With Cannabis?

Whether you are curious about it or are using it for a health condition, you probably know a bit about cannabis. What it is, what it does, and the ways in which you can consume it. However, many of you may still be unaware of the right quantity and the right frequency of consumption that might suit you the best. Multiple cannabis consumers tend to consume extremely high doses of cannabis to maintain their health, but it leaves them unable to get through the day like a mentally present, well-functioning individual. In this case, microdosing comes to the forefront.

What is Microdosing?

As the name suggests, microdosing refers to consuming small (micro) doses of cannabis to help maintain your health without experiencing the psychoactive effects. Cannabis has two main cannabinoids, amongst other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, namely, CBD and THC. The THC mentioned here is what leads to a psychoactive effect in consumers. You must be careful while consuming doses of THC potent cannabis strains. You can start by consuming somewhere between two to five milligrams of THC as your microdose for the first 3-4 days. Journal the effects that you feel and increase your dose if necessary. If you’re already feeling the effects with a limited dosage, continue for as long as the effects last. (Also remember, consuming this amount every single day will increase your tolerance and you’ll stop feeling the effects of the product. It is advisable to consume the dose every other day unless regular consumption is absolutely necessary.)

Real Benefits of Microdosing With Cannabis

Several people are turning to cannabis microdosing for a handful of reasons.
  • Helps Manage Symptoms
The purpose of consuming medical marijuana has been to manage symptoms associated with ailments. While some consumers tend to believe that they require high doses of cannabis to feel its effects, the same is not necessarily true. A consistent dosage of small quantities over a period of time can help consumers manage their ailments better. Also, a larger dose of THC is not everybody’s cup of it. For instance, patients dealing with anxiety can handle their symptoms a lot better with small doses of THC. However, when this psychoactive compound is increased in dosage, it often leads a patient with anxiety down a spiral of psychosis, hallucinations, and worse symptoms.
  • Can Be Enjoyed Recreationally
At the same time, it’s not just medical marijuana consumers that are moving toward microdosing. Adult users are also becoming more conscious about the amount of cannabis that they consume. Even with the limited legal THC dose (0.3%), other cannabinoids and terpenes can lead to psychoactive effects in recreational doses too. However, consuming these products with limitations proves to be beneficial.
  • Does Not Incapacitate Users
Too much THC can turn you into a couch potato. While you might enjoy the effects of a Saturday evening, you should not indulge in this type of consumption regularly. The cannabis you’re using is to accomplish a purpose, whether it is medicinal or recreational. However, overusing the cannabinoid (THC) or consuming a very high dose of it can leave you very intoxicated. This type of effect can render users completely unaware of their surroundings, experiencing a lack of cognitive balance and an overall mental fog.
  • Can Be Consumed Between Work Hours
Multiple consumers require marijuana doses at different times of the day. This means that they might have to administer a dose while at work or during worktime (but outside work premises). In either case, it is not preferable to consume a dose that can negatively impact your concentration or focus. It is preferable to ask your medical marijuana doctor if you’re unsure about the right dosage for you. Connect with a clinic like 420 Doctors Oklahoma and consult the MMJ doctors before deciding on a dose best suitable for you.
  • Keeps Addiction at Bay
Consuming the smallest possible cannabis dose also tends to keep you away from becoming too habitual. This is especially true if you used to consume a higher amount of the cannabinoid earlier. Cutting down on your THC consumption and then following it over a long period of time reduces the chances of addiction.


Cannabis microdosing is a great way of enjoying its medicinal and recreational benefits without experiencing the associated high. Microdosing can help you:
  • Manage your symptoms without becoming overwhelming
  • Enjoy recreational doses as regular supplements
  • Stay in control of your senses
  • Consume medical doses during work without losing concentration
  • Keep away from habit-forming effects
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