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How to smoke cocktails at home, tools, tips and tricks?

Gone are the days when we had to go to expensive bars to smoke cocktails. Ever since we have found ways to do it at home, a significant number of cocktail lovers have started smoking in the comfort of their homes. 

To be honest, it does not require any skill and several costly types of equipment. Moreover, you might end up smoking your favorite cocktails cheaply as well. Convincing enough? Want to know how to smoke cocktails at home? What tools do you need? Here’s the answer

How to smoke a cocktail at home?

Well, smoking a cocktail at home is not tricky. First of all, you get the right tool. 

Tools you need

There are a million ways to smoke cocktails to perfection. The preference would determine what sort of tool you need to get done with the job. You can use the smoking gun, wood plank, handheld torch, or any aromatic item. Now it’s up to you, if budget is not the issue get a smoking gun. Otherwise, the handheld torch is the best of the other options.

Prepare the cocktail

Once you have got the smoking tool, it’s time to gather all the ingredients and prepare the cocktail.  When the cocktail is ready bring it to the safe place to pour it into the glass to move to the final step which is smoking the cocktail.

Smoke the cocktail

Fortunately, there are four different ways to smoke the cocktail. To create the light smoke, chill the glass, pour the cocktail, use the torch on any other tool to create the smoke, turn the glass upside down to let the smoke build-up, and enjoy.

If having heavier smoke is your concern, try using the bigger container; a wine decanter or a pitcher. Chill the vessel, create the smoke using any smoking tool, give it a few minutes to let the smoke build-up, pour the cocktail, wait for a few seconds( not more than 30), pour the cocktail into the glass, and witness the success.

If with the smoke you need an intense flavor, put the liquid in the heat-proof bowl, place it in the bowl filled with ice, let the boiler of ice heat up the situation, and set the boiler aside where you can catch the smoke not the flame, there your job is done.

Tips and tricks to smoke the cocktail at home

  • The smoke gun might be expensive but it’s the easiest way to smoke the cocktail at home
  • The overpowering would never create a subtle taste, so do not overdo
  • The stirred cocktail is the most forgiving option for the said purpose
  • Ice cubes can also smoke things up
  • Ice cubes can add the flavor as well
  • If you are planning to do that frequently, invest in a smoker or smoke gun
  • Cinnamon can be used to create the smoke and add a subtle sweetness
  • Make sure you are working in a clean inflammable area
  • When the glass becomes opaque, be quick to seal
  • Use food-grade or organic elements to create the smoke
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