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A Guide To Different Kind Of Cannabis Seeds

Holistic healing is all about using herbal remedies to incorporate wellness. You might come across a variety of herbs that have therapeutic capabilities. One of the most common herbs used for wholesome well-being and salubrity is the cannabis plant. It contains endocannabinoids that speed up the physiological processes using some cannabinoid receptors. Also, the plant emerges from various cannabis seeds that vary in both morphologies and properties. Some popular cannabis seeds varieties like feminized, auto-flowering and high-CBD ones make way for multiple features and quality of cannabis. 

Keep reading to know the different kinds of cannabis seeds and their specific properties.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?




The cannabis plant is a psychedelic variety of flora that arises from the South Asian regions. It contains mainly two types, i.e., female and males plants, and comes under the category of dioecious plants. Also, the female plant can produce the buds used for various recreational purposes all over the globe. After successful pollination using the male plant, the female plant gives off seeds that make way for plants’ new generation. But, cannabis industries get such seeds to prepare various items like seed oil, food essentials, and as a source of new plants. Along with this, there are three major types of cannabis seeds, depending upon the quality and properties of the cannabis plant.

Feminized Seeds 

One of the best ways to use cannabis cultivation is through the feminization of plants. All you need to do is turn the plant from its original dioecious state to the monoecious female variant. It allows the feminized plant to produce feminized seeds and prevents the development of male plants. Also, the male varieties of cannabis plants don’t yield buds and are of minimal value to the cannabis sellers. 

Further, you need to self-pollinate the plant to produce the seeds and reliable buds. It allows you to grow high-yielding cannabis plants in a small space and gives off useful cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds own the utmost industrial utility and produce quality seeds in the long run. With the help of mob boss strain, you can create reliable feminized seeds in no time. 

Autoflowering Seeds 


Another variety of cannabis seeds that hold the utmost importance in the industrial domain are the auto-flowering variants. The cannabis plants need an ample amount of sunlight to grow and survive the vegetative phase. As the autumn season begins, the light exposure to the plants reduces and signals the flowering cycle. But, auto-flowering seeds don’t depend on the sunlight and temperature for such growth phases. Such seeds undergo the desired phases of growth through time duration and might enter the flowering state within a few weeks. Not only does it take away the need for light and other components, but it also provides high-quality cannabis seeds. 

Make sure to get your hands on the auto-flowering seeds to cultivate and fetch the authentic cannabis buds.


High-CBD Cannabis Seeds 

Medical cannabis contains high levels of cannabidiol that interact with the endocannabinoid system. For medical purposes, you need cannabis seeds that have high levels of CBD instead of THC content. With the help of crossbreeding between high-CBD hemp strains and cannabis online, you can create cannabis seeds that contain high cannabidiol content. That way, you might speed up the production of medical supplements like tinctures, capsules, and oils. Cannabidiol relieves a variety of ailments like anxiety, depression, and mood-related disorders. Along with this, it acts on the brain and stimulates the receptors that induce anti-inflammatory aid. 

Regular Cannabis Seeds 

When it comes to the regular cannabis seeds, the growth components and criteria are quite different from the other variants. The usual cannabis seeds need a considerable amount of sunlight to experience various phases of growth. Also, the shift from vegetative to flowering phase depends upon the reduction in the intensity of sunlight. You need to regularize the temperature as well as light hours to create authentic cannabis seeds. On top of this, the dioecy is another hurdle that you must tackle while cultivating the usual cannabis seeds. Don’t forget to start with the regular seeds and make your way towards the specialized variants later.

Features Of High-Quality Seeds


Before you produce high-quality cannabis seeds, you must find out the characteristics of an authentic seed. One of the most crucial traits that determine the quality of cannabis seeds is genetics. You must cross the high-quality female plants with the male variants to get the desired characteristics through backcrosses. Also, try to maintain the ambient temperature and harvesting measures in the long run. That way, you can achieve the desired quality of seeds with minimal efforts. With proper pathogen-protection techniques, you get the desirable seeds with the right features.

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Final Verdict

The cannabis plant possesses many industrial, medical, and recreational uses in your day-to-day life. According to the purpose, the type of cannabis seeds also differs up to a great extent. While medical cannabis seeds are rich in CBD, industrial products need feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Another variant of cannabis seeds is the regular one that requires ample sunlight and high temperature to grow. Also, these seeds give authentic cannabis buds and make way for pure cannabis seeds. Make sure to research the properties of various seeds to fetch the desired ones based on your needs. You can use the seeds for multiple purposes like seed oils, food products, and recreational activities.

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