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Top 5 Cannabis Smoking Myths Proven Wrong

Cannabis Myths “Busted”

Over the years, views on marijuana products have shifted back and forth, with some people swearing by it and others condemning it. The two opposing sides have seldom agreed on anything, but based on the evidence, it’s possible to derive some more truth from the myths than before. 

The shame around using cannabis recreationally still exists for users, and discretion is imperative for many of them. However, finding little ways to make life a bit easier is essential. 

Several countries worldwide have legalized the use of marijuana in recent years, and much of the stigma surrounding it has dissipated. Its application in cancer patients’ treatment also took away the notion that it’s only use was to get high. Many of the myths that surround cannabis users have since gotten disproven. 

So, if you found Me Time Box products and our super smoking subscription box, but are a little apprehensive, here are 5 of the top myths about smoking marijuana that are inaccurate. 

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You Can’t Overdose on Weed 

You can overdose on anything if you take too much of it; this even includes water. If you do end up taking too much weed, you won’t die, but you’ll become much higher than is comfortable. While it’s possible to take too much if you smoke, it’s easier to overdose on edibles or concentrated oils. 

Most of the side effects include feelings of anxiety, dizziness, or vomiting. Despite this, there’s never been a case of someone suffering long term damage due to taking too much cannabis. If you continuously feel unwell, though, you should reduce the amount you use to prevent negatively affecting your health. 

Cannabis Isn’t Addictive

Although it isn’t as addictive as other forms of drugs or opioids, cannabis can become habit-forming. Much like anything else you do regularly, it can be challenging to quit using weed by going cold-turkey. Withdrawal includes irritability and nausea, which isn’t life-threatening, but you should still cut back gradually if you intend to stop. 

Synthetic Weed Poses No Risk

Spice or synthetic weed is up to 100 times stronger than natural weed. Unlike regular marijuana, spice contains more than just dried leaves. They include various chemicals that make them unsuitable for medical use and allow them to function as a more dangerous drug on the whole. 

It also poses some disturbing side effects. You can suffer from strokes, kidney and brain damage, or even cardiac and respiratory problems.

Many people also believe that smoking cannabis will make you want to try harder drugs. There hasn’t been conclusive evidence to show that people who start smoking marijuana turn to more potent substances. On the other hand, the ‘fake weed’ with its abundance of chemicals poses a much greater risk for leading to the use of more intense substances. 

Your Brain Cells Suffer If You Smoke Weed

Some users claim that they suffer from memory loss when they use marijuana. While this might be true, and some studies have shown that it can affect short term memory retention, there’s no evidence to suggest that it kills your brain cells. 

You Can Pass a Urine Test

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. THC can still be detected in your urine for up to a month after you’ve made use of it. If you’re not a regular user, the timeline can decrease to around 10 days. The only way to make sure your test is negative is to refrain from taking it for a month before a test.

In a Nutshell

Myths and half-truths can paint an inaccurate picture of how people see marijuana. While it’s not without its shortcomings, cannabis can’t kill you by overdose and doesn’t destroy your brain cells. 

There are more significant dangers associated with synthetic weed, and unlike natural marijuana, you can become addicted to spice. Remember to keep in mind that outwitting a urine test just isn’t possible unless you abstain from marijuana use before you get tested. 

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