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Massachusetts High Court Rejects Medical Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis Insurance Reimbursement The Time Is Now!

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled this week that insurance companies are not obligated to reimburse injured employees for MED expenses. It’s the latest ruling on medical cannabis insurance, an issue that lawmakers are grappling with in several states.
Daniel Wright brought the case to the Massachusetts high court with an eye on receiving reimbursement for more than $24,000 in MED expenses he incurred while treating chronic pain he says was brought on by workplace injuries in 2010 and 2012. The court sided with earlier decisions in the case and rejected Wright’s workers’ comp claim on grounds that the state’s MED program does not require such reimbursements, and that forcing the reimbursements would be akin to compelling insurance companies to break federal law.

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Willis Jacobson

Reporter and Weed Week Magazine

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