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How Much Is Bad Sleep Hurting Your Career? Work Productivity and Sleep Health

Suffering from chronic sleep deprivation is pretty common in many workplaces. Around 25% of American workers are suffering from insomnia. Similar reports are indicating excessive sleepiness patterns. Not surprisingly disturbances in sleep raise the risk of depression, cancer, and heart issues. It also is responsible for decreasing your productivity. There are meta-analytic studies available that suggest that sleep deprivation is strongly related to workplace performance, basically because of deteriorating moods.

Effects of lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on your everyday performance at work. You may experience lesser productivity, lack of career progression, and satisfaction at work. There are more occurrences of absenteeism, job-related accidents, and counterproductive workplace behavior. In contrast to this, good sleep leads to better knowledge acquisition, improvement in memory, and better learning abilities. Even getting short naps has been established to have significant positive effects on the performance at work. However, keep in mind that there are individual differences in the quality and quantity of sleep people find useful. This makes it tough to explain the performance difference for various people. Similar to the other psychological traits and behavioral dispositions, most of these differences are related to genetic factors.

Bad sleep and career

Let’s take a close look at some important scientific effects of lack of sleep.

Sleep issues affect employment

A lot of psychological research has indicated that before all the usual impairments you get due to poor sleep on the performance at work, these sleep disturbances can be observed in the university and schooling days itself. Research has established casual links between clinical problems and sleep problems even from childhood. The academic performances are significantly lower for students suffering from sleep issues. There are many such students out there as well. As educational achievements are a major factor in their subsequent employment, there are long-term consequences involved in having a lack of a healthy sleeping routine. Your career later is also affected by this problem. Some studies have suggested that just by delaying the beginning time of the student’s classes you can get a major improvement in the sleeping pattern of the student. This is mainly because youngsters are either enticed or naturally inclined to stay awake till late and sleep later.

Good sleep improves employee engagement

There is a massive billion-dollar industry working out there, trying to improve the employee engagement levels of an organization. They are looking to achieve better satisfaction, enthusiasm, and productivity from the employees and managers working in a workspace. Most of the money goes into the improvement of office design, person-job fitment, and cafeteria food. Although there is nothing wrong with it, you can find a great awareness among these companies related to the significance of sleep quality. It is one of the key drivers of employee engagement. Significantly unlike other engagement drivers such as the boss’s competitive level, your sleep is mostly in your control. Keep in mind that there are clear rewards for improvement in sleep patterns. You can visit the CBD store close by to get CBD capsules or drops that can help you sleep better.

Leadership as usual plays a significant role

As incompetent leaders are likely to increase stress and alienate the employees, it leads to sleep deprivation. Having good leadership can mitigate some of these issues that poor sleeping habits can have on performance. For achieving this, leaders will not only have to be more competent, but they also have to make sure that they have not been deprived of sleep themselves. They need to avoid inconsistent sleeping patterns. Even top-quality leaders are going to engage in abusive or unethical behavior if they tend to be sleep-deprived. Not surprisingly there are multiple consequences of having both high-quality sleep and a top-quality leader. If you lack both these things, it can be quite destructive for your organization.


Therefore, good sleep is greatly useful for your career. The earlier you begin improving your sleeping habits the better results you are likely to achieve. You will find many heroic claims and bragging showing off claims about how less we sleep. Even when you are using the time spent while being awake for productive things, there is every chance that your career and overall performance will take a hit in the longer run. Your personal life is also likely to get affected by lack of sleep.

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